Case Study: BioTalent x Virocell

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Case Study: BioTalent x Virocell


Virocell are an innovation-driven CDMO (Contract development and manufacturing organisation) dedicated to building a healthier world through their production of unique viral vectors. After identifying a gap in the market for the small clinical batches of viral vectors at the start of 2021, London-based Virocell expanded out into New York, Dublin, and Switzerland to establish a presence on the global stage.

They engaged BioTalent in conversation when they were a team of just four people looking on a mission to make a difference. They have ambitious plans to grow their headcount beyond 100 in the next three to five years.   

Role requirements

Virocell were looking to recruit across all areas within manufacturing, process development, quality assurance quality control, and innovation (early R&D). This includes hiring across all levels, from entry-level graduates to senior-level leadership positions and C-Suite executives.


The main challenge for Virocell was the sheer volume of candidates they required with viral vector experience, a challenge exacerbated by the finite number of candidates with experience in this niche in the Southeast of England.

Overcoming this meant BioTalent had to map out every competitor in this space as part of an assertive and dynamic headhunting strategy.

Solution & methodology

The solution was to outsource all recruitment activities to BioTalent, who acted as the main point of contact for Virocell. After Virocell shared their forecasted hires and recruitment plans in advance, BioTalent were able to stay ahead of the game, knowing when to expect key hires.

The agreements Virocell put in place included a two-year period of exclusivity where BioTalent were the sole provider of all recruitment for Virocell during that time. As a part of this agreement, BioTalent included weekly progress calls to ensure the project remained on track and on time.

BioTalent included a payment structure that rewarded successful on-time and key priority hires from Virocell’s perspective. The agreement ensured that BioTalent could provide a dependable pipeline for future hires, enabling Virocell to benefit from time-sensitive hiring on the search for key skill sets as they scale their organisation.


BioTalent successfully delivered on every assignment they have been given from Virocell, which includes hiring 19 members of staff across a range of different departments. One of the most important aspects of this hiring campaign has been to hire a culturally diverse team, and it's something that Virocell rely on as a key factor in driving sustainable growth.