​Natasha (They/She) is Trinnovo's LGBTQ+ Community Lead and Founder of 'Pride in Tech'. After completing their degree in Politics at the University of Sussex, Natasha started out their career in recruitment, working the DevOps and cloud market in Germany. As a queer identifying person they were incredibly active in this remit, leading Trinnovo Group's EEG and hosting numerous events to further the education of and inclusion to queer people in the tech industry.

Natasha has now moved to leading 'Pride in Tech' through Trinnovo, to create a kinder and safer space for queer people in the industry. Through unique networking initiatives, events, and the sharing of stories, they aim to reduce the negative impact of the economic and professional hardships that disproportionately effect the LGBTQ+ population. Natasha also delivers training and workshops to companies on a range of DEI topics.