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Women in Fintech: The risk of not diversifying your workplace

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14 September 2022 18:00-20:00 TBC

​Join us for our upcoming Trinnovo Group Social, Women in FinTech networking initiative, the first in a brand-new Representation in FinTech series, exploring representation gaps within Fintech and the challenge of attracting diverse talent to the sector.

There are three problem areas when it comes to gender diversity in the Fintech sector, women working within Fintech, women leading within Fintech and women using Fintech. This lack of diversity presents significant operational and reputational risks to Fintech organisations and teams.

Discussion points

  • Experiences as women in Fintech

  • Why gender disparity is such an issue in the sector

  • How businesses can strive to achieve gender equity

  • The operational & rep risks of not ensuring gender equity in Fintech

  • How FinTech’s can grow their women user-base

  • The future of women in Fintech

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