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Building Fairer Futures with Action for Race Equality (ARE)

​For the inaugural episode of the Ethnicity Speaks podcast, we joined forces with our charity partners, Action for Race Equality (ARE) to bring you a discussion on the journey to an equitable worki...

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Trinnovo Group launches new community group, Ethnicity Speaks

​London, 10th June 2024. Diversity-focused recruitment and advisory specialist, Trinnovo Group, has announced the launch of their new community group –Ethnicity Speaks. Ethnicity Speaks is a commun...

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Women in DevOps at Cloud Expo Frankfurt

On Thursday 23rd May, Women in DevOps ambassadors Alfie Rice and Billie Spencer headed off to sunny Frankfurt for an inclusive panel session at this year's Tech Show Frankfurt, 'Decoding Intersecti...

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Swiss Diversity: The Future of Inclusive Workforce Management

​Perpetual skill gaps are slowing progress in Switzerland’s bustling tech industry – what can leaders do to navigate the rocky road ahead?Candidate retention is the key to success in today’s fast-m...

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Performative Allyship vs Genuine Allyship: Building an Inclusive Workplace

Maintaining an authentically inclusive workplace environment means recognising the difference between performative and genuine allyship.Performative allyship can be deceiving. It may seem supportiv...

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Trinnovo Group Announce New Charity Partnership with Action for Race Equality

​[London, 30/04/2024] Trinnovo Group is delighted to announce a new partnership with anti-racism charity, Action for Race Equality.ARE are a non-profit on a mission to end racial inequality. They d...

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Why Veterans Make Ideal Leaders

​Many veterans find themselves in a tricky position when they leave the forces: They’re overqualified for entry-level roles, but they struggle to land leadership positions. Why is this? Veterans ar...

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Lesbian Visibility Week

Celebrating Lesbian Visibility Week

The 22nd of April marks the start of Lesbian Visibility Week, a time for raising awareness, showing solidarity, and celebrating excellence in the Lesbian community. Originally celebrated for the f...

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Podcast Episode 13: Gear up for Tech: A career guide for veterans

Welcome to Episode 13 of the Ex-Military Careers Podcast Series! If you're a veteran transitioning from the battlefield to the bustling world of technology, you're in for a treat. In this action-pa...

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Podcast Episode 5: Changing the Game – Timeless Transformation Strategies with Amanda Wallace

​In this episode of the Trinnovo Consulting podcast, Micha Swallow sat down with the insightful Amanda Wallace to talk about all things change and transformation in today's volatile business landsc...

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Join our Train and Deploy waiting list

​Act now to secure your place on the waiting list and unlock exclusive access to our train and deploy program! Don't let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers – be at the forefront of i...

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Veteran Transition Tips: Mentorship and Career Growth

Whether you’ve landed your first civilian job or you’re pivoting into a brand-new industry, mentorship is valuable at any stage of your professional journey. For veterans, mentors provide a guiding...

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Celebrating Trans Visibility: Lunch and Learn with Global Butterflies

March 31st marks International Transgender Day of Visibility, a time for reflection, raising awareness, and celebration. The trans community faces off against a persistent existential threat, from ...

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Navigating Change and Transformation in the Swiss Tech Market

​The Swiss market’s trademark resilience is being tested by the accelerating rate of digital transformation, spotlighting the importance of organisational agility like never before.Ranking number o...

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From Frontline to Tech: Navigating the Transition

After years of military service, finding a fulfilling job might feel overwhelming. Veterans have a unique set of skills and experiences that often make them world-class candidates, especially in a ...

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Workplace Integration Tips for Veterans

For many veterans, this process starts with a real culture shock. Comparable to military life, a civilian workplace can seem like it lacks structure, concrete mission targets, and even discipline.T...

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Women's History Month 2024 - Spotlighting Our People

✨✊💐 We’re kicking off Women's History Month by spotlighting the incredible women of Trinnovo Group! Our iconic women are making history every day, and we’re thrilled to celebrate their excellence (...

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Trinnovo Group Prepares for Ramadan!

​It's less than a week until Ramadan begins! 🌙As we approach this month, I wanted to highlight the significance of this month and how best to provide an inclusive environment. 🤲Why do we fast? It's...

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Essential Transition Tips: Recognizing Your Evergreen Skills

​Struggling to translate your military experience? You’re not alone. Whether it’s writing a resumé, choosing the right words in an interview, or even matching your skills with opportunities, plenty...

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We've Moved! Check Out Our New Dublin Office

Our Dublin office has relocated! We’re waving a heartfelt goodbye to Charlemont Exchange – thanks for having us! You can now find us at 5 Harcourt Road, Dublin, D02 FW64, right in the centre of the...

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