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International Day for the Elimination of violence Against Women

​Over 189 countries have signed the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) since its adoption in 1979, yet still, gender-based violence is rife around th...

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Happy Thanksgiving from Trinnovo Group

​It’s been a year of growth, change, and exciting new beginnings for everyone here at Trinnovo Group, and Thanksgiving represents the perfect opportunity to reflect on our mission so far. At the en...

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Returning to the Office: The Rise of the In-Person Value Proposition

Many of the world’s workforces have fallen in love with the convenience of remote working, and it’s going to be difficult to persuade them that a return to the office is the right move, even if yo...

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Supporting Islamophobia Awareness Month 2022

​In the UK, 42% of religious hate crime was targeted towards Muslims in the year ending March 2022 (Home Office), a rise of almost 28% from the previous year, and a stark reminder of the nation’s ...

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Looking back on Trans Day of Remembrance

​Trans Day of Remembrance is commemorated on the 20th November every year to honour the lives of transgender people whom we have lost due to Transphobic Violence. A week prior to this is Transgende...

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An update on the Gender Gap: The Good, the Bad, and the Future

​The ever-present gender parity gap is a stark reminder of the inequities that burden society as we know it today. Even as the UN reports positive progress in the fight for gender parity, the tumul...

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Beyond the Moustache: What’s the True meaning of Movember?

The moustachioed men of Movember represent so much more than their furry upper lip might initially suggest. It’s international men’s day, and there’s plenty to talk about. There’s no denying that ...

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Trans Day of Remembrance and UK Policy

​November 20th marks the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day founded over 20 years ago to memorialise trans lives lost due to transphobia, and to bring attention to the violence that the ...

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What's worse, a bad hire or a bad hiring process?

What do you do when you’re looking for a new employee who can hit the ground running, and instead they just… hit the ground? We know there’s a high cost associated with a bad hire, but how often do...

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Our U.S. Team is Relocating!

​Trinnovo Group’s U.S. team is moving to the ever-charming El Segundo! As a vibrant tech hub with a flourishing ecosystem, El Segundo represents a perfect position for our company – It’s only right...

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Whitechapel Mission Breakfast

Trinnovo Group take on the Breakfast Challenge at the Whitechapel Mission!

​We are so proud of our amazing people who took on the breakfast challenge at the Whitechapel Mission this week!Using one of our dedicated charity days, members of our team went down to the Whitech...

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Tiara Recruitment Awards (2)

Trinnovo Group wins 2 awards at the leading TALiNT Partners TIARA Awards Ceremony

​Trinnovo Group are overjoyed to have taken home two awards at the leading recruitment industry TALiNT PartnersTIARA Awards ceremony this week – a testament to the consistent hard work of all our e...

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Black History Month 2022

​‘Black Joy is about being completely free, unencumbered and being able to be your authentic self’ - Irenosen OkojieOctober 2022 marks the 35th anniversary of Black History Month in the UK, a tim...

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B is for Belonging - Making the Move to DEIB

​A sense of belonging is part of what it means to be human. It’s the need for affiliation, acceptance, support, and purpose, and it prevents us from feeling (and therefore becoming) just another n...

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Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day 2022

​A day that was first celebrated in 1988, National Coming Out Day honours the bravery of LGBTQIA+ individuals who decide to come out and live openly. To commemorate this important time of year, we ...

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Wmhd 2022

World Mental Health Day 2022

World Mental Health Day is here! Now is the perfect time for nations around the world to promote unity, raise awareness, and advocate for greater mental health support for the entire population.Men...

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Trinnovo Talks Podcast Social Shaun

Trinnovo Talks: Podcast episode 13: Spotlight on Trinnovo Group's growth in the US with Shaun Robinson

​In this episode, Alex chats with our Group Managing Director in the US, Shaun Robinson. Discussing his journey so far, the keys behind his personal success, advice he’d give to recruiters at all s...

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Afk Impact Story

Impact Stories: AFK

​​A statement from AFK:Firstly, we all want to say a big thank you from everyone here. We are massively excited to be chosen as the Trinnovo Group Accessibility charity partner for 2022. We are all...

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Lgbtq+ Statement

LGBTQIA+ Statement

​Since inception, Trinnovo's mission has been to build diversity and create inclusion - to celebrate and empower people from underrepresented backgrounds, and to use our platform to build a workfor...

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How To Nail The Workplace Presentation

How to Nail a Workplace Presentation

For some, the mere thought of presenting in the workplace is enough to inspire dread and despair. For others, the heat of the spotlight is constantly calling. No matter where you happen to rest on ...

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