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Oct 20 2023 1

Building an Inclusive Workplace: Supporting LGBT Employees Across Borders

Time 07:00-11:00

Location London

​🌈✨ How can we create an inclusive workplace that transcends borders? Last week we teamed up with our friends from Indeed Flex for a panel discussion where we explored what it means to foster a sup...

Oct 12 2023 Dsc2079

Ethical AI: Cracking the Code

Time 06:30-09:00

Our Women in DevOps community came together for our recent in-person event, 'Ethical AI: Cracking the Code' in collaboration with Houseful. We discussed the existing biases that prevail within AI, ...

Sep 28 2023 A&F Feb (12)

LGBTQIA+ in Legal: Allyship vs. Advocacy

Time 07:00-10:00

Location London

​Allyship vs Advocacy, what’s the difference? They both have a unique impact in the legal space, but how can they play a role in creating a more inclusive and equitable working environment for the ...

Sep 27 2023 Dita23 Panel Announcements (Horizontal)[4]

The ROI in DEIB: Driving Business

Time 23:00-01:00

​We are delighted to be partnering with the Dublin Diversity in Tech Awards! The #DITA23 community will be back together at the 7th edition of the Diversity in Tech Awards. We're looking forward to...

Sep 21 2023 2

The 'T' in LGBTQIA+: The power of intersectional advocacy

Time 07:30-11:00

Location London

What an evening ❤️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ From the food and drinks to the beautiful event space,Nando's UK & IRE(our gracious hosts) pulled out all the stops to make Last night’s Pride in Tech panel discussi...

Sep 20 2023 A&F Feb (12) Copy

The Rise of ESG Investment: Opportunities that Reshape Business

Time 07:00-10:00

Location London

​Emerging as a top investment priority for consumer-facing companies, ESG investment represents a brighter, greener, and more empathic corporate hivemind, but it’s not without its unique range of c...

Sep 15 2023 1200x628 Linked In London[86]

Belonging in DevOps: The Importance of Intersectionality

Time 04:45-05:15

​Start spreading the news... 🗽 🇺🇸 ✨We are SO excited to announce our partnership with DevOps World and to share that we will be live and direct from New York City on 14th September for our 'Belongi...

Sep 13 2023 Dsc0132

Achieving Lasting Diversity in DevOps

Time 07:00-09:00

Location New York

​Diversity and inclusion have become pivotal aspects of the tech industry, and the field of DevOps is no exception. Join us for our first Women in DevOps New York event in collaboration with friend...

Aug 01 2023 Race In Stem Event Visuals Copy

Navigating Code Switching with Kmla Sharma

Time 23:00-00:00

Listen to our latest Race in STEM episode featuring Founder Steve Fuller and Hubspot Tech Lead, Kmla Sharma. Kmla is an Indian-born Irish woman who has lived in Ireland for the last 28 years. She h...

Jul 25 2023 Race In Stem Event Visuals Copy

From Adversity to Entrepreneurship with Christine Noonan

Time 23:00-00:00

​​​Join us for our latest LinkedIn Live session. Steven Fullerand special guest Christine Nsubuga Noonanwill discuss Christine's path to entrepreneurship, founding Klëm Digital Wardrobe Technology,...

Jul 19 2023 Sabrina Webinar Ss

Unleashing DevOps Potential: The Power of Sponsorship

Time 07:00-09:00

Creating a space for your voice is crucial, have you got the right support? A sponsor could be the answer.​​In this recent panel discussion, we teamed up with Slalom Build to explore the powerful b...

Jul 14 2023 Dsc0116

Leading with Empathy in Tech: Leeds Edition

Time 07:30-10:00

Location 1 Infirmary Street Leeds LS1 2ES

​Can a good leader help solve the tech industry’s empathy deficit? Yes! A culture of empathy and inclusion starts from the top, and it benefits everyone in a space that’s calling out for a human to...

Jul 07 2023 Dsc0005

From Data-driven to people-driven: Leading with empathy in Tech

Time 06:30-10:00

🌈✨ Last week in celebration of Pride, our community dived into an evening of good vibes, laughter, and fun during our Pride in Tech and Women in DevOps, 'From Data-Driven to People-Driven: Leading ...

Jun 29 2023 Dsc9811

Getting Noticed: The Power of a Personal Brand

Time 07:30-10:00

Location 40 Holborn Viaduct London EC1A 2DE

What does a personal brand mean to you? ✨We hosted our London panel session on, 'Getting Noticed: The Power of a Personal Brand' in collaboration with the fabulous team at Capgemini. Chaired by our...

Jun 27 2023 Race In Stem Event Visuals

Supporting Talent of Tomorrow with Chinedu Madichie

Time 23:00-00:00

Chinedu is a senior quality and regulatory compliance leader with a passion for improving health equity across the world. With over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, his expert...

Jun 02 2023 1

The Journey From On-Premise to Cloud (And Between Clouds)

Time 07:30-10:00

Our DACH Ambassador Antonia Otter headed to Munich to host our much-anticipated event, 'The Journey from On-Premise to Cloud (And Between Clouds)' with the fabulous team at Thoughtworks.​As the tec...

Jun 02 2023 3

Bisexuality 101

Time 07:00-07:00

Location London

It's time to learn more about bisexuality. Join us on June 1st for our latest in-person panel event, where we’ll explore the fundamentals of the bi experience, the impact of prejudice from inside t...

Jun 02 2023 Dsc1150

Embracing Diversity: Paving the Way for Inclusivity in Tech

Time 02:15-02:50

We hosted our very first in-person panel session at this year’s Dublin Tech Summit! Founder Steven Fuller was joined by Mike Adebiyi, Grace Hayes, Christine Noonan and Kmla Sharma where we discusse...

Jun 01 2023 Dsc1024 2

Talking Equity: Breaking Biases & Embracing Advocacy

Time 07:30-10:00

What does an Equitable world mean to you? Inspired by this year’s International Women’s Day theme of ‘Talking Equity,’ team Women in DevOps headed on down to Dublin town to host our first Ireland i...

Apr 20 2023 1 Min

The Evolution of DevOps: Exploring the Digital Revolution

Time 06:30-09:00

Location 71 Queen Victoria Street, London

‘We shouldn’t forget ethics and AI. When we move at an accelerated pace, we are accelerating that bias.’ This week team Women in DevOps hosted our global hybrid event, ‘The Evolution of DevOps: Exp...

Apr 19 2023 Race In Stem Event Visuals Copy 2

Leading with Confidence with Olivia Cream

Time 13:00-13:00

​Save the date! On 25th April, we will be joined by the fabulous Olivia Grant-Creamfor our upcoming Race in STEM LinkedIn Live session. In this episode, Olivia will discuss how to channel your inne...

Apr 11 2023 Race In Stem Webinar Visusal Copy 2

Exploring Faith with Ailon Haileyesus

Time 23:00-00:00

​Join us with Ailon Haileyesus as we explore the topic of Faith.Ailon Haileyesus is a Staff Engineer at Stryker - developing products for spine surgeries while interacting directly with surgeons wo...

Mar 29 2023 Dsc9820 (1)

Talking Equity: Breaking Biases and Embracing Advocacy

Time 07:00-09:00

Location London

​​O​ur Women in DevOps team held our first Bristol-based event ‘Talking Equity: Breaking Biases and Embracing Advocacy’ in collaboration with our friends at Huboo.The session started with the wonde...

Mar 29 2023 1

Pride in Tech Launch Party

Time 07:00-09:00

Location Google CSG, 1-13 Saint Giles High Street, London, WC2H 8AG

What a way to kickstart Pride in Tech! A huge thank you to everyone who attended our first in-person panel discussion at Google’s CSG offices on Tuesday – it was so good to meet you all and explore...

Mar 29 2023 Race In Stem Webinar Visusal Copy

Philosophical Thinking with James Kusena

Time 06:00-07:00

​Save the date: our next LinkedIn Live session will be taking place on 28th March at 5 PM (GMT) with the fabulous James Kusena PhD!In this episode, hosted by Founder and Global Communities Director...

Mar 14 2023 Race In Stem Webinar Visusal Copy 2

Exploring Identity with Rosemary Lakeru

Time 22:00-23:00

​Join us for Episode 2 in our Race in STEM interview series with Rosemary Lakeruis, exploring identity. Rosemary Lakeruis the Founder and CEO of ACORN IQ, a data-driven clinical research Patient Re...

Mar 09 2023 Dsc8985

Belonging in DevOps: The Importance of Intersectionality

Time 01:45-02:15

Location Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL

From all at Women in DevOps, we would like to wish our community a very happy International Women's Day to all our fierce, fabulous Queens of the tech space. You are amazing. ✨ 🔥 👑Today, we touched...

Mar 02 2023 Latticexwid

Wellness in Tech: Improving Culture and Mental Health

Time 06:00-07:30

Location 360 Spear Street San Francisco, CA 94105 United States

​How long must mental health and well-being take a backseat in the tech space?​​​It’s no secret that two out of five workers in tech consider themselves at high risk of burnout, with 42% of them co...

Feb 24 2023 Emc Live Q&As (3)

Ex-Military Careers: Live Q&A with Ellis Greenway

Time 02:00-03:00

Location Virtual

Book your place for our next live Q&A session with our Global Community Manager and Ex-Royal Marine, Ellis Greenway!

Feb 23 2023 Race In Stem Webinar Visusal Copy

Recognising USA Black History Month: Talking Resistance with Sharmaine Kelly

Time 12:00-12:00

​This February marks US Black History Month, with the chosen theme for this year being Black Resistance. At Race in STEM, we will be exploring this particular theme with the wonderful Sharmaine Kel...

Feb 22 2023 Race In Stem Webinar Visusal

Women in STEM: Breaking Biases and Celebrating Excellence

Time 04:00-05:00

We held our very first Race in STEM webinar, ‘Women in STEM: Combating Biases and Celebrating Excellence’ hosted by Founder Steven Fuller. We spoke about the challenges and biases women have histor...

Nov 24 2022 Fincrime

Women in FinCrime: Empowerment, Leadership & Bridging the gap

Time 06:00-08:00

Location Landmark St Peter's Square, 1 Oxford St, Manchester M1 4PB

​​Gender disparity within the financial sector is still an issue on a global scale, with women holding approximately 21% of board seats, 19% of c-suite roles, and only 5% of CEO positions as of las...

Nov 18 2022 2

Women in Fintech: The risk of not diversifying your workforce

Time 05:30-08:30

Location Trinnovo Group, 16 St John's Lane, Farringdon, London, EC1M 4BS

Friday 17th November marked a fantastic night of firsts for Trinnovo Group – we launched our brand-new Representation in Fintech series, the inaugural panel event in the breakout space at our Londo...

Nov 09 2022 Panel 1

From Forces to Pharma: Making the leap from the Military to Life Sciences

Time 06:00-08:00

Location Virtual

​On November 8th, Ex-Military Careers teamed up with BioTalent to deliver an inspiring, empowering, and highly insightful webinar – ‘From Forces to Pharma: making the leap from the military to the ...

Oct 07 2022 1

Making Observability Make Sense

Time 07:00-09:00

Location Koppenstraße 8 10243 Berlin Germany

​Join us for our upcoming Women in DevOps Berlin event, 'Making Observability Make Sense,' in collaboration with SumUp.​​​​Expect an uplifting discussion where a panel of SRE and DevOps experts wil...

Sep 30 2022 2

Why neurodiversity & mental health matter

Time 06:30-09:30

Location 71 Queen Victoria Street London EC4V 4AY

​More information to follow.Our Panel:Francesca Pollard - Host @ Women in DevOpsRuth-Ellen Danquah - Chief Innovation Officer @ Exceptional IndividualsAngeline Mulet-Marquis - Engineering Manager @...

Sep 09 2022 Bgs & Ica Joint Event September 2022 (1)

Diversity in Compliance

Time 06:30-08:30

Location Wilmington plc, 5th Floor, 10 Whitechapel High Street, London, E1 8QS

​In collaboration with ICA, this is a free in-person networking initiative exploring diversity in Compliance.​​​​​This is a free networking event with any and all donations made to our fundraising ...

Aug 19 2022 D Amn Thats Good Data   August

Damn! That's Good Data #2

Time 06:30-09:30

Location Lützowstraße 106 10785 Berlin Germany

​Join us for our upcoming SODA Social event in Berlin as part of our 'Damn! That's Good Data!' series.~​​​​Data. It gets a lot of bad press! People make assumptions about data, and their first thou...

Aug 12 2022 Untitled Design (4)

The Next Generation of Cell & Gene Therapies

Time 06:00-07:30

Location Virtual

Cell and Gene Therapies (CGT) are a transformative and fast-evolving new generation of science, that is shifting how we treat, and potentially cure diseases. Join us on the 11th of August for our n...

Jul 15 2022 Parents In Legal & Finance Asset

Parents in Legal & Finance: Modernising Family-Friendly Policy

Time 05:00-06:30

Location Virtual

​Last week our Broadgate Social community came together for the second webinar in our Parenthood series. ‘Parents in Legal & Finance: Modernising Family-Friendly Policy, hosted by Cassidy Bisho...

Jul 05 2022 Pride  In Dev Ops   30th June Meetup (1200 × 675 Px)

Pride in DevOps - Your authentic self

Time 07:00-09:00

Location 7 Handyside St, London N1C 4DA

​There is nothing as liberating as self-acceptance and being your true authentic, unapologetic self. Organisations have the power to enable employees to feel a sense of belonging, psychological saf...

Jun 25 2022 Berlin Summer Party

Berlin Summer Party

Time 07:00-09:30

Location Kurfürstenstraße 31-32, Berlin

​Our aim at Women in DevOps is to help close the DevOps gender gap and empower the DevOps leaders of the future.We held our Berlin Summer Party in Central Berlin last week and brought together the ...

Jun 24 2022 Tv Size Pride Teni At Dogpatch

Authenticity at Work: A Pride Networking Event

Time 13:00-13:00

Location Dublin

​On 24thJune our Trinnovo Talks community came together to hold an in-person event in Dublin, ‘Authenticity at Work – A Pride Networking Event’, hosted by our LGBTQIA+ Employee Engagement Group.Thi...

Jun 22 2022 Soda Social   Pride   June

Pride in Tech - The future of tech employee activism

Time 07:00-08:30

Location Virtual

​The discussion delved into an array of topics and insights, which included: Pride is about belonging and recognising we are all human  The importance of being your true self at work and creating a...

Jun 22 2022 287977892 1156755651566038 2258754916307031613 N

DevOps Con

Time 06:30-09:45

​Our very own Lucy Eloise Neal and Antonia Otter delivered a ‘Shifting mindsets and addressing the gender imbalance in DevOps’ panel discussion with Ishita Shukla, Sarah Cordivano and Greta Jocyte....

Jun 15 2022 Bgs  Prmia Event June 14

Decrypting Diversity at Leadership Level in Cybersecurity

Time 06:00-07:00

Location Virtual

​​On 14thJune, Broadgate Social’s Diversity within Cyber community came together to take part in a panel discussion hosted by the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA). This...

Jun 08 2022 Gen Z Webinar

Empowering Gen Z: From Classroom to Boardroom

Time 07:00-08:30

Location Virtual

​On 7thJune, Our Trinnovo Talks community came together for a networking initiative, ‘Empowering Gen Z: From Classroom to Boardroom’, hosted by Eleonore Bilambo. The webinar explored the various ro...

Jun 02 2022 Wid   31st May

Is Manchester the new tech hub?

Time 07:00-09:00

Location St Peter's Square, Manchester

​In addition to this, it is home to a uniquely creative and social community, with endless opportunities, networking and a culture that enables innovation and a sense of unity. Last week, we held o...

May 04 2022 Wid   31st March

Empowering Women: Tackling toxic productivity & hustle culture

Time 06:00-09:00

Location Photobox Group, 10 Back Hill, London

The pandemic transformed the workplace, bringing awareness to unrealistic expectations. More mindful initiatives such as the four-day work week, hybrid office models, shorter commutes, and flexible...

Apr 23 2022 Soda Social   April 21st

Climate Tech - A green future

Time 06:00-08:00

​The world is feeling the impact of the climate crisis. Destructive wildfires take over Australia and California, severe flooding in Western Europe, glaciers melting at accelerating rates and devas...

Mar 23 2022

Parenthood in Finance: Nurturing Inclusive Workplaces

Time 06:00-07:30

Location Virtual

​Our Broadgate Social community came together for our first networking initiative of 2022, ‘Parenthood in Finance – Nurturing Inclusive Workplaces’, hosted by Amel Steel, Business Manager and Head ...

Mar 11 2022 Emc Empowering Women Iwd Event

Empowering Women: Breaking the Bias

Time 06:00-08:00

Location Virtual

​Our Ex-Military Careers community came together yesterday for our International Women’s Day networking initiative, ‘Empowering Women: Breaking the Bias’, hosted by the lovely Lucy Neal. This event...

Feb 23 2022 Ri Syogesh

My Race in Life Sciences: Yogesh Krishan Davé

Time 12:00-12:00

Yogesh’s career in pharma spans over 38 years and he has operated his own UK registered limited company for the past 12 years. All his formal education has all been in the United Kingdom and he is ...

Feb 23 2022 8

The Great Resignation: Wellness Culture vs Grind Culture

Time 12:00-12:00

Location Virtual

​Our Trinnovo Talks community came together for our first networking initiative of 2022, coinciding with Black History Month US, ‘The Great Resignation: Wellness Culture vs Grind Culture’ hosted by...

Jan 29 2022 Jan   Soda Social Hackathon 'Accelerating The Future Of Workforce Well Being And Mindfulness'

Accelerating the future of workforce well-being and mindfulness

Time 05:00-07:00

Location Virtual

​It's estimated that one in six people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem and since the pandemic, a large proportion of predominantly young adults have reported mental heal...

Jan 21 2022 Tg   Bhm

Serverless architecture an honest conversation

Time 06:00-07:00

Location Virtual

​Our Women in DevOps community came together for our first Women in DevOps networking initiative of 2022, ‘Serverless architecture an honest conversation' hosted by the lovely Sabrina Battiston.Ser...

May 27 2021 Screenshot 2023 02 17 At 11

Ex-Military Careers: Ex-forces Transferable Skills to Enhance Career Opportunities

Time 07:00-08:00

Location Virtual

​On the evening of the 24th of March, we hosted our very first Ex-Military Careers webinar, ‘Ex-forces transferable skills to enhance career opportunities.’ Our panel led by ex-forces personnel spo...