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Building an Inclusive Workplace: Supporting LGBT Employees Across Borders

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20 October 2023 07:00-11:00 London

🌈✨ How can we create an inclusive workplace that transcends borders? Last week we teamed up with our friends from Indeed Flex for a panel discussion where we explored what it means to foster a supportive working environment for LGBTQIA+ employees everywhere.

Topics covered:
🌏 Understanding the LGBTQIA+ experience worldwide
🏡 How to build a foundation for inclusion
🗣️ Cultural understanding and sensitivity
💖 How to foster a workplace that embraces diversity
👥 Adopting an Intersectional outlook

Authored by experts in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, our discussion uncovered the roadmap for organisations seeking to create an atmosphere where all employees, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, can thrive. Human rights are human rights everywhere, and in a world characterised by increasing interconnectedness, the value of seeing inclusion through a global lens is clearer than ever.

Shout out to our hostsDouglas Gomes Campos,Anna ChollierandJyoti VekariafromIndeed Flex, and our incredible speakersAmazin LeThi,Martin Syzdek,Taytiana Welch-McClure, M.Ed, SHRM-CP, Samantha West,Lucy Eloise NealandSara C.

Indeed Flex is a digital staffing partner delivering instant access to high-quality, pre-verified local workforces for market-leading brands via a range of flexible staffing solutions.

Our speakers:

  • Amazin LeThi (she/her) - Global Ambassador

  • Ashleigh-Jean (AJ) Phipps (she/her) - Chair @ Pride in Tech

  • Martin Syzdek (he/him) - Human Resources Business Partner @ Indeed Flex

  • Taytiana Welch-McClure - (she, her) Education Manager, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging and Environmental, Social & Governance

Amazin LeThi

Amazin LeThi, a formidable force celebrated for her diverse roles as a moderator, global speaker, LGBTQ advocate, athlete, and cultural change and social justice leader. As the sole Asian LGBTQ Athlete with 7 international LGBTQ sports ambassador roles, she fearlessly breaks barriers. Her outstanding contributions have garnered recognition from 30 international organizations, including Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD. Notably, she's an Honorary Citizen of the State of Georgia and was featured in the prestigious Forbes magazine during 'Asian Pacific Islander Heritage' month, acknowledged as one of the top six Asian women to watch.

A true luminary in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion, Amazin LeThi commands attention as a highly sought-after guest speaker, advisor, and consultant for Fortune 500 companies, governments, and global entities. Her influence spans from the revered corridors of the White House to The Prince’s Trust, where her insightful guidance fuels advocacy across human rights, DEI strategies, sports, and LGBTQ rights. A catalyst for cultural metamorphosis, her compelling dialogues unravel a profound journey from homelessness to a global LGBTQ icon. Pioneering the cause of both Asian and LGBTQ equality, Amazin LeThi lent her expertise to President Biden's triumphant 'Out For Biden' 2020 campaign. Serving as their digital advisor for LGBTQ and Asian communications, she fortified a message of inclusivity and transformative change.

In the pivotal year of 2023, Amazin boldly took her powerful narrative to the world, etching her story within the pages of Florence Schechter's debut book 'V', published by Penguin Books. This monumental step solidified her position as a prominent voice in the global conversation on equality and inclusion, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of progress and acceptance.

Taytiana Welch-McClure

Taytiana Welch-McClure is an HR professional with a strong commitment to learning and development. Currently serving as an Education Manager on the Inclusive Learning & Enablement team within the DEIB+ organization at Indeed, Taytiana is dedicated to promoting equity and creating workplaces that work for all. With a background in education, Taytiana brings both expertise and passion to the field of HR, helping organizations foster inclusion through innovative learning solutions.

Martin Syzdek

Martin Syzdek is an accomplished HR Business Partner at Indeed Flex, demonstrating a profound commitment to fostering inclusive workplaces. With a notable track record as a Project Manager spearheading Business Resource Groups and Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, Martin has been instrumental in the establishment and support of multiple BRGs during his tenure at Indeed Flex.

Drawing from HR and DEI experience, including a previous role in an international tech company as well as partnering with other organisations, Martin has been a driving force behind numerous Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion projects. His passion for DEI is evident in his proactive engagement and dedication to advancing diversity and inclusion efforts in the corporate sphere.

As a guest speaker, Martin brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm to inspire meaningful dialogue and drive positive change in the realm of diversity and inclusion.

Whether you’re a member of the community or you’re learning how to be a better ally inside and outside the workplace, our events are safe, supportive, friendly and fun spaces to share ideas, challenge perceptions and uncover opportunities. Stay tuned for our next session. 🌈✨


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