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Our 5-Year Strategy

As a purpose-driven business, we know that we are making an impact, but we wanted to capture and quantify that impact and share it with our clients, our candidates, our own talent and the rest of the recruitment community.

 In January 2022, we launched our Impact Metrics, defined to help our team track the progress of change across five of our most important areas; Diversity, Partnerships, Thought Leadership, Organic Growth, and Customer Engagement, and hold ourselves accountable.


To build diversity, create inclusion, and encourage workplace innovation.


To be the fastest organically growing and most impactful staffing and advisory business on the planet.


Passion | Innovation | Collaboration

Our Progress


Within this Impact zone, we will demonstrate how Trinnovo Group is leading from the front on the key Impact Metrics we have identified as crucial to our growth strategy. We are not perfect, but we are committed to being transparent in our performance against the ambitious goals we have set ourselves. 

Why is all this so important? 

With the current level of talent shortages, finding candidates is extremely challenging. Industry sectors are struggling with huge skill gaps and organisations are having to look beyond their traditional talent sources and focus on retraining, upskilling, and redeploying talent. For example, talent from the ex-military community, or from underrepresented community groups, to address their shortages.



Partnerships are an essential part of our mission. We are determined to build a diverse and inclusive workforce, and we are reliant on our partnerships to deliver on that goal. Here is our 2023 data as at June 2023.

  • 12

    partnerships this year. This includes Coding Black Females, Code Institute, Hack the Hood and the ICA.

  • 426

    mentoring hours, including reverse mentoring that we delivered within our company.

  • 60

    charity days. We use these to provide impact to our charity partners, and drive team collaboration.

  • 150%

    increase in mentoring hours delivered in the last year, compared to our first year of reporting.

Our strategy is to attract people with little or no experience of the recruitment industry, from a wide range of social, career and academic backgrounds, and help them to develop amazing careers. Hiring through our Academy is key to our future success and creating a more diverse and therefore innovative workforce.

  • 18

    people were hired via our Academy.

  • 81%

    of our people are happy at work. We are working hard to improve this through culture initiatives.

  • 56%

    of our people have had a promotion in the last year. This is against a goal of 75%.

  • 78%

    of our people have had a pay rise in the last year. This is against a goal of 75%.

We deliver positive change via Thought Leadership. This includes our wide ranging event, webinar and podcast series, delivered via our recruitment brand Socials, and our community groups including Women in DevOps and Pride in Tech. We have speakers and contributors from leading brands and organisations around the world, as well as our academic and community partners. We also want to grow our online communities.

  • 182

    events, webinars and podcasts delivered in the last two years. This is against our five year goal of 700.

  • 11,273

    people have attended and listened to our events, webinars and podcasts, against a five year goal of 100,000.

  • 98%

    of people engaging in all our events and webinars felt inspired, against a goal of 90%.

  • 39%

    growth in our online communities. We now have over 700,000 followers across our social channels.

We are working to address industry underrepresentation in core demographic groups, including gender, diverse ethnic, veteran and LGBTQIA+ communities. We are committed to building a business which is representative of society today, and to help organisations achieve their own diversity goals. We have committed to the below goals based on the demographics of the regions we operate in.

  • 40%

    of our people are women. This is against a goal of 50%.

  • 26%

    of our people are from diverse ethnic. This is against a goal of 25%.

  • 3%

    of our people are from the LGBTQIA+ community. This is against a goal of 10%.

  • 0%

    of our people are veterans. This is against a goal of 5%. We are working to address this.

We believe in making a genuine difference to our clients. Unlike many of our competitors, we not only solve problems for our clients, but we build long-term value for them as they grow. Customer engagement is right at the core of our five-year strategy. We know that satisfied customers will act as our advocates. Positive experiences with our teams will lead to positive endorsement, which will help us reach our growth targets.

  • 4.9*

    Google reviews for all our recruitment brands, against a goal of 4.5*.

  • 80+

    NPS score for all our recruitment brands, against a goal of 60+. Recruitment industry average is 31.

  • 336

    Google Reviews are attributed to the 4.9* rating.

  • 877

    Diverse candidates placed over the last year.


See our second Impact Report which showcases our impact and how we're tracking. The report provides data from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023.



community partners

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We have innovative networking Socials to engage, in a different way, with our communities. We believe in diversity of thought and a people-first approach, as we strive to help thought leaders grow in the world's most exciting and innovative industry.


    Trust in SODA, our digital-tech recruitment business, incorporates Women in DevOps, Pride in Tech and Ethnicity Speaks.

    Visit the social site


    Broadgate, our business enablement and protection recruitment business, includes community groups Pride in Tech and Ethnicity Speaks.

    Visit the social site

  • DEEPREC.AI SOCIAL, our AI and blockchain recruitment business, includes podcast series The Leadership Lab.

    Visit the social site