Tough Mudder Challenge In Aid Of Alzheimer’s Society

Tough Mudder Challenge in Aid of Alzheimer’s Society

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Tough Mudder Challenge in Aid of Alzheimer’s Society

​On May 5th 2018, a team of ten fitness fanatics from Broadgate Search volunteered to partake in the hardcore Tough Mudder challenge, as part of our ‘Big May Fundraiser’ charity initiative. An obstacle course designed by British Special Forces, it’s the ultimate challenge to those willing to test their mental and physical strength to its limit.

Yes, that’s right, we paid to be bloodied, bruised, soaked, electrocuted and covered head to toe in mud – all for charity.

Tough Mudder is, notoriously, an energy packed ‘fun’ (torture) run and the starting line is where it all begins with energy hyping exercises to get our bodies ready and our minds psyched up to take on the challenge. Before we start, we are required to recite the ‘Mudder Pledge’, take part in various group stretch aerobic and dances, high fiving one another as we prepare, to build energy and team spirit.

Those who are lone rangers and hitting the course solo are identified to the teams, like us, so we can help them along the course. There isn’t a trace of competitiveness, as the notion of team work and camaraderie are reinforced throughout the event.

Spanning over ten miles, there are a series of obstacles to complete, scattered amongst what felt like 20,000 vertical hills. Here are a few of the gruelling obstacles that our troops had to endure:

  • ‘Arctic Enema – The Rebirth’ – which, to simplify, is diving into a shipping container full of ice and freezing water. Literally, left feeling like Jack and Rose in that fateful Titanic scene

  • ‘Hero walls’ – vertical 10ft wall where you have to create human pyramids to get your team up and over

  • ‘Block ness monster’ – swim, roll and push your way over rotating barriers, using upper body strength for lifting fellow Mudders up and over

  • ‘Kong – Infinity’ – legionnaire designed challenge where you hand over hand barrel roll, swinging in the air

  • Electroshock Therapy’ – a run with 10,000-volt electric wires dangling above your head

  • ‘Killa Gorilla’ – Two steep uphill climbs with downhill runs

  • ‘Funky Monkey Bar Climb’ – Rotating monkey bar climb which requires powerful upper body strength

In case you’re wondering, every couple of miles you’re given snacks and water to keep you fuelled and energised to keep going. Oh yes, and a t-shirt, sweat headband and a nice cold beer.

“If you're on the fence about signing up, I would highly recommend it. This was my second Tough Mudder, and it just keeps getting better and better! I have to say the Artic Enema is the most brutal experience, sliding into a shipping container full of ice is a killer! The thing about Tough Mudder I love is the camaraderie, everyone helps each other through and pushes each other on. I fully intend to go next year!”

The day was a brilliant team-building exercise. I’d highly recommend it for anyone who believes they are the toughest of the tough and want to test their self-belief. For those less convincingly macho, I’d say give it a go – just don’t mind stumbling about like the walking dead for a few days afterwards.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who donated to our chosen charity, Alzheimer’s Society. We raised a staggering £14,280 in total for our ‘Big May Fundraiser’ campaign – way over our target of £10,000. Thanks to all of you who donated, and to our Tough Mudders, of course, for supreme endurance skills!

See our Tough Mudder Video here.

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