Webinar: 2020 – A year in review with JFrog

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Webinar: 2020 – A year in review with JFrog

Our Women in DevOps community united for our final webinar session of 2020. Hosted in partnership with our amazing sponsor JFrog, we spoke about the opportunities and challenges that the DevOps community has faced this year, as well as noting the importance of staying connected during these trying times. Whether it be connecting with a group online or taking part in a virtual summit; using digital tools has been vital in expanding your network and maintaining the exciting, sociable side of DevOps which we all love. In fact, two-thirds of our audience deemed networking initiatives their pivotal way of connecting with their community during this year.

We also spoke about the future of DevOps, with 46.2% of our audience agreeing that infrastructure as code will be the biggest trend of 2021, with other members opting for cloud native environments (23%) and automation capabilities (15%).

We’d like to thank JFrog for their commitment and collaboration during this webinar – we’re looking forward to continuing to collaborate with you all in the new year.

If we don’t hear from you before then, from all at Women in DevOps, we wish you a very happy Christmas and an exciting, prosperous 2021!

Catch up on the webinar here: