Webinar: Gaming Industry: Gender Balance, Challenges and Trends Loading

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Webinar: Gaming Industry: Gender Balance, Challenges and Trends Loading

​Our Women in DevOps community came together for our webinar, ‘Gaming Industry: Gender Balance, Challenges and Trends Loading.’

The insightful discussions led by our expert panel explored how the gaming industry has changed over the years, with advice for young women hoping to make their mark in the gaming landscape, addressing the feeling of impostor syndrome, reliability, scalability and technical challenges.

As the evening progressed, topics focused on mentorship, and ways in which our panel members have learnt to connect with other women in the tech world, whether it be in their own organisation or virtually via sites like LinkedIn. Although this can be daunting, Jola Bolaji fittingly advised our audience to ‘push yourselves out of your comfort zone - you never know what might happen.’

This event felt symbolic with our mission at Women in DevOps; we want to amplify the voices of women, as well as all minority groups within the DevOps landscape, by breaking down barriers and driving positive change. Hearing the similar stories from each of our panel members felt inspiring, and proves that many of us face similar challenges, but uniting and speaking out is a way to combat any feelings of uncertainty and move one step closer to closing the gender DevOps gap.

We’d like to thank our amazing panel for their insights and advice, and to our fabulous audience, who certainly kept our chatbox flowing throughout the evening! We’d also like to thank our Platinum Sponsor, JFrog, for their continued support, and their special Nintendo Switch giveaway which our community member, Mel Rumsey, won!

If you missed the event - don’t worry; you can watch the video footage here: