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Webinar: How Software Engineers can utilise DevOps best practices

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Webinar: How Software Engineers can utilise DevOps best practices

We held our 5th webinar titled 'How Software Engineers can utilise DevOps best practices'. Our community united from across the globe to discuss the methods and process’ surrounding DevOps practices, and how software engineers can apply these approaches to their work. We touched on how teams build infrastructure, and how feature developers often interact with these teams. SRE groups became a focal point of conversation, whom Michelle Garrett coined as ‘shepherds of the whole process.’ Further conversations discussed were the future of remote working as well as the process of being on-call, and sustainable development.

We then proceeded with our networking session, where we collectively discussed the importance of building diverse teams from the ground up. We hope to definitely explore this in future webinar sessions – so stay connected and watch this space!

Finally, we’d like to thank our fantastic panel speakers for all their insights and contributions during the webinar, and to our fabulous audience for all your questions and ideas. We would also like to thank our Platinum Sponsor JFrog.

For those that missed the discussion, you can find the video footage here: