Case Study: The Cumberland x Broadgate

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Case Study: The Cumberland x Broadgate

A case study of Broadgate's work with The Cumberland.


The Cumberland identified Broadgate via our Board advisor, Adrian McCarthy - who had previously worked with their CEO, Des Moore, through his work with the regulator. Broadgate held a Risk event in 2019, for which Mr Moore offered his services as a panellist alongside other board members and Risk professionals from the Financial Services sector. Having been impressed with the event and the audience of Risk and Finance professionals it attracted - the Cumberland engaged Broadgate immediately.

Client Requirements

The Cumberland had recently restructured their Board to comprise a 50/50 male-to-female gender split for the first time in the Society’s history, and they were also looking to address diversity issues relating to gender split across a number of their senior leadership positions and geographical diversity - given that as much as 60% of their workforce was from the immediate area, which was proving to be prohibitive in terms of attracting the right talent.


By attempting to tap into talent in areas slightly further afield – such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds – the Cumberland were putting themselves in direct competition with some of the most prominent brands in the Retail Financial Services sector – and as such we needed to ensure that candidates were provided with a compelling vision to justify taking up an opportunity further afield than they’d previously considered in the past.


Solution / Methodology

Broadgate conducted a number of site visits with as many stakeholders with the Cumberland as possible, to truly understand the Society’s culture, values and 5-year vision – running our own insights to share with the Cumberland to break down their typical workforce demographics, recruiting trends and potential blind spots in previous practices. We met every shortlisted candidate face-to-face to walk them through the subsequent information pack that we had collectively put together.

Outcome / Key Hires

Broadgate has appointed to the following positions with the Cumberland through our own personal networks, our database, our innovative sourcing tools and our social events (diverse candidate locations in brackets)

·       Head of Transformation (West Yorkshire)

·       Head of Credit Risk & Data Oversight (North Yorkshire)

·       Head of Operational Risk / MLRO (Greater Manchester)

·       Head of First Line Risk & Resilience (Cheshire)

·       Financial Crime Framework Manager (Tyne & Wear)

·       Operational Resilience Manager (Edinburgh)

·       Credit Risk & Data Manager (Milton Keynes)

·       Credit Risk & Data Analyst (West Yorkshire)

There is a 50/50 gender split across the above appointments, as well as LGBTQ+ and disability representation.