Case Study: Baker McKenzie x Broadgate

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Case Study: Baker McKenzie x Broadgate


Baker McKenzie is reinventing the legal industry in a globally interconnected business world. With a team of over 13,000 operating out of more than 70 offices worldwide, Baker McKenzie delivers integrated legal solutions in an increasingly complex business landscape.

Leveraging a unique blend of leading-edge AI, legal expertise, and an inclusivity-driven working methodology, Baker McKenzie brings both insight and foresight to their customers, driving sustainable business growth at every cornerstone. To strengthen the operation, they needed to take on a new Intellectual Property Partner.


Escalating levels of competition had made sourcing and retaining talent in the legal market extremely difficult, and Baker McKenzie was feeling the pressure in the search for its business-critical candidate.

Baker McKenzie had been searching for the ideal senior candidate for several months at a time when a number of their rivals were competing for the same talent. Role positioning, differentiation, and identifying relevant potential talent proved challenging. Baker McKenzie turned to the team at Broadgate for support.


After liaising with Baker McKenzie’s European board, Broadgate’s team was able to glean a comprehensive understanding of the talent requirements. By mapping out the most highly skilled, culture-add talent, Broadgate took a proactive approach to sourcing and attracting the best candidates in the sector.


The Broadgate team were commended for their ability to deliver an exceptional candidate from a rival law firm, enabling the team at Baker McKenzie to secure their business-critical hire. Broadgate was able to fill the Intellectual Property Partner and ultimately help them fuel the growth of their TMT team.

Key Metrics

Three CVs Presented

Three Candidates Invited for First Interviews

One Intellectual Property Partner Hired