Case Study: SCOR x Broadgate

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Case Study: SCOR x Broadgate


As one of the world’s largest reinsurers, the team at SCOR are experts in the world of risk management and cautious investment, combining industry-leading financial tools and services to deliver solutions on the global stage.

SCOR unite the art and science of risk to support the sustainable development of society, bridging the gap between security and innovation.

With a headcount of over 3000, SCOR have established a reputable presence in more than 30 countries around the world. To continue serving and expanding their client base of 4000, they must lean on a reliable talent pipeline.


SCOR were searching for a business-critical appointment in a Head of Compliance, and their previous attempts to secure and retain them had not worked as intended. SCOR were in need of a technically gifted and relevant culture-add candidate to improve their relationship with a regulator, but they were unsure where to begin the search.

To elevate their recruitment process and widen the search for their ideal candidate, SCOR enlisted the help of financial services recruitment specialists, Broadgate, for support.


The team at Broadgate dedicated the full extent of their resources to committing an international talent search, which included looking inside the organisation’s existing employee network.

Alongside the establishment of psychometric testing to assess ability and personality,  Broadgate were able to present a list of pre-screened, vetted, and interviewed candidates. This enabled SCOR to streamline their search, saving both and money in the process.


Broadgate was successful in its delivery of the mission-critical Head of Compliance, gaining approval by the regulator with incredible feedback on the appointed candidate.