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Inside the Swiss Financial Talent Market

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Inside the Swiss Financial Talent Market

​Characterised by a sharp focus on private banking and wealth management, Switzerland’s stable banking ecosystem is world-renowned for its adaptability (exemplified by the recent UBS takeover of Credit Suisse, a move hailed by someas the ‘deal of the century’).

The openness and international engagement that define Switzerland’s economy have left the nation well-positioned to weather regional underperformance. Despite the tumultuous first half of 2023, the financial space has proved resilient, with the value of the franc close to reaching an all-time high.

What does the broad list of incoming regulatory changes have in store for the future of the space? The persistent war for talent and rising ESG-related investment activity will likely play a prominent role.

ESG Investment

Around 53%of the Swiss funds market corresponded to ESG criteria in 2022, and despite the recent drop-off rate (attributed to a fractured regulatory space), the country is home to a growing pool of ESG-focused talent, fortifying its position as a global hub for sustainable investing.

Demand for portfolio managers, risk managers, analysts, and fund administration professionals with experience in ESG-related investments is rising as a result.

Moreover, the Swiss government recently announced its plans to introduce stricter regulatory guidelines around what can be classified as environmentally friendly investments. The proposed changes (expected to come into force in late 2024) are designed to combat greenwashing, representing a move away from the widely preferred style of self-regulation Swiss banks are used to.  

These regulatory shifts are likely to create an array of exciting opportunities for those wishing to explore a future in sustainable finance.

Talent Troubles

It may have been the deal of the century, but there’s more than one side of the UBS/Credit Suisse rescue story. Following its takeover of Credit Suisse, UBS is expected to cut around 3000 jobsto work on reducing $10 billion in costs by late 2026.

That said, the Swiss labour market is facing a widespread talent shortage, particularly for tech-savvy wealth management skill sets. This could spell a great opportunity for the nation’s job seekers.

While the fallout from the Credit Suisse merger may cause concern, the overall demand for skilled financial talent remains strong, particularly in light of a growing Fintech market and increasing product complexity.

Plus, Switzerland once again topped the Global Talent Competitiveness Indexfor 2023, the country once again showcasing the calling power of its robust economy, high quality of life, and favourable conditions for international candidates.

Opportunities with Trinnovo Group GmbH

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