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Trinnovo Group Announce New Partnership with Global Butterflies

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Trinnovo Group Announce New Partnership with Global Butterflies

Trinnovo Group are proud to welcome Global Butterflies as our new community partners. Founded in 2015 by Rachel Reese and Emma Cusdin, Global Butterflies helps businesses everywhere become more trans and non-binary inclusive.

Global Butterflies envision a more equitable working future, one where the trans and non-binary community are free to thrive in an environment that supports and empowers them. Through their consultancy services, policy writing support, and comprehensive workshop suite, Global Butterflies are driving positive change in the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond.

This partnership represents a perfect opportunity to combine our resources and extend our collective impact to the communities and clients we serve.

‘I was lucky enough to interview Rachel and Emma in a recent podcast, and I can say with ease that they are truly inspirational individuals. The work they do is vital, and I can’t wait to see the impact our partnership makes in the coming year.’ – Alfie Rice, Trinnovo Group

Learn more about Rachel and Emma below:

Rachel Reese

Rachel originally trained as an Avionics Software Engineer before working in the defence sector, later transferring to a senior HR position.

An interest in employment law led her to study for the Solicitors’ Final Examinations. As a woman with trans history, she was unable to obtain a position within a law firm in the 1990s, so instead joined the University of Law, where she worked for 15 years in various senior operational roles leading up to Operational Director.

Rachel is the founder and CEO of Global Butterflies, where she has enjoyed great success in helping businesses create trans and non-binary inclusive environments. Global Butterflies donates much of its time and profits to other LGBTQIA+ causes and events via its charity arm.

She was Vice Chair of The Law Society LGBT Lawyers Division Committee, representing trans and non-binary solicitors, and is a trans and non-binary ambassador for Aspiring Solicitors. Rachel has worked with many law firms regarding their trans and non-binary inclusion journeys.

Rachel wrote the acclaimed ‘Lloyds of London Trans & Non-binary Inclusion Guide,’ and also contributed to the popular ‘Guide to Gender Neutral Drafting’ with the Government Legal Department.

D&I Leaders listed Rachel as one of their Inspirational D&I Leaders in 2021. In 2022, Rachel was listed as a Pride Inclusion Advocate by Pride Life Global. Also in 2022, Rachel was awarded the Chambers Crystal Award (with her wife Emma), for their visible work in trans and non-binary inclusion.

Emma Cusdin

Emma has over 30 years of experience in Human Resources, having worked as an HR Director for global financial services organisations. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.

Emma is an openly trans woman, having transitioned in 2009, and she is enthusiastic about raising awareness of trans and non-binary issues.

Emma has spoken at many trans and non-binary inclusion events organised by leading private sector companies. She has appeared in the Financial Times and has written several blogs, including for the Huffington Post and HR Zone.

Emma was a Trustee for the Gender Identity Research & Education Society (GIRES) and she chaired the National Trans Youth Conference for 2 years in succession. She also was a co-founder of Trans*formation, a networking group for Trans & Non-Binary professionals.

Emma was delighted to receive the Positive LGBT Role Model Award at the National Diversity Awards and she has appeared in the OUT at work top 50 UK LGBT Executives.

In 2019, Emma was proud to receive the Prime Minister’s Office Points Of Light recognition for her tireless work in trans & non-binary inclusion. In September 2020, she became a Trustee for the Human Dignity Trust.

Emma is also a qualified Executive Coach, ICF qualified, and enjoys coaching senior leaders and leaders across many sectors.

Emma is a Director at Global Butterflies.

At Trinnovo Group, our mission is to build diversity, create inclusion and encourage workplace innovation. We look forward to many more impactful initiatives with Global Butterflies throughout 2024.