Case Study: Fluro x Broadgate and Trust in SODA

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Case Study: Fluro x Broadgate and Trust in SODA

Fluro is on a mission to evolve and deliver an industry-defining embedded lending suite with two core goals: champion fair lending and revolutionise the tech behind it. Launched in 2014 and re-branded from Lending Works in 2022, Fluro has established themselves as one of the most innovative personal loan providers in the UK, offering unsecured personal loans via it's full suite of products. Fluro has lent more than £250m of loans since launching in 2014.


Through the combined presence of both Broadgate and Trust in SODA, Trinnovo Group were able to place 6 highly talented candidates over a time period of 12 months.


Vital candidates over a 12-month period. 100%jobs filled. 4.6CVs to Job ratio. 2.5 Interviews per job vacancy. Every 1.8 CVs resulted in a candidate being selected for an interview.