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Dr. Justin L. Wilson

Dr. Justin L. Wilson received his Ph.D. from Howard University College of Medicine in the area of Physiology and Biophysics, where he studied the kidney’s role during chronic hypertension. For his postdoctoral training, he joined the laboratory of Dr. Mark Knepper at the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, where he worked on understanding the phosphorylation of phospho-petides of vasopressin’s signalling and aquaporins of the rat inner medullary collecting ducts cells. Dr. Wilson served as a faculty member at Hampton University in the Department of Biological Sciences.

Since joining the faculty, Dr. Wilson has aided in the submission of one NSF educational grant, Department of Defense Equipment Grant, and a Department of Defense/United States of America Army Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder grant. He served as a judge for the scientific poster sessions at Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students. In addition, Dr. Wilson was selected to serve as a judge for Newport News, VA scientific competition. Dr. Wilson served as a guest lecturer for a seminar entitled “Get Linkedin, So You Can Get In . . .,” which was presented. Dr. Wilson, just recently spoke at Georgetown University School of Medicine as a panellist for a special biomedical seminar. He served on the planning committee of the inaugural Stroke Awareness Day, where he represented the School of Science in establishing pre-health screening for the participants.

Dr. Wilson later joined Cleveland State University as a director of the Ronald McNair Scholars program. He managed a 1.5-million-dollar grant, where he provided scholarships and seminars for minority students.

Currently, Dr. Wilson is a professor at Xavier University of Louisiana, where he leads teams in health disparities research, and teaches pharmacy and physician assistant students in anatomy and physiology. In addition, Dr. Wilson studied piano and percussion since he was a young child. So, naturally, as a scientist, he infuses the love of music and science when he teaches at Hampton University. Lastly, Dr. Wilson was appointed to the “Hampton Roads Dream High” of Newport News, VA as a voting delegate and board member. He serves as an integral member in helping to reshape and provide opportunities for individuals in the Hampton Roads area. As an active board member, he seeks funding opportunities in order to plan programs for the youth, young adults, and elderly.