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Belonging in DevOps: The Importance of Intersectionality

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15 September 2023 04:45-05:15

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We are SO excited to announce our partnership with DevOps World and to share that we will be live and direct from New York City on 14th September for our 'Belonging in DevOps: The Importance of Intersectionality' session!

The term intersectionality is the idea that people have more than one identity, and these identities are often inherently combined. Forbes (2021) previously noted that diverse teams make better decisions 87% of the time over non-diverse teams, shifting broader perspectives and wider knowledge to the foreground. This can result in greater success for organisations, as well as improved productivity and greater opportunity to achieve success on a global scale.

This talk will discuss intersectionality while uncovering the different types of intersectionality which are often overlooked by organisations. We shall also discuss tips, advice and best practices for DevOps professionals hoping to implement intersectional goals and make tangible changes within their organisations.

Key discussion points:

  • Focusing the lens on internationality as a whole – rather than concentrating on one particular pillar

  • Embracing cultural identities – and what means for an organisation

  • Tokenism and ways to overcome this

  • Systemic changes in recruitment practices

  • The mindset required to manage an intersectional team

  • How to get started and maintain DEIB goals

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