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Embracing Diversity: Paving the Way for Inclusivity in Tech

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01 June 2023 13:15-13:50

​Is diversity the key to a brighter future in tech?

Exciting news - join Race in STEM on May 31st, where we’ll be hosting a panel of insights and answers at the incredible Dublin Tech Summit, Europe’s fastest-growing tech festival. Technology permeates almost every aspect of modern life. It serves the needs of a diverse population, but how effective can it be if it’s not designed for difference?

While diverse teams yield better outcomes, representation in the tech workforce remains woefully unbalanced. 20,000 Black women are missing from the IT industry, (BCS & Coding Black Females), the gender wage gap is 16% (Women in Tech), and just 2.6% of boardroom-level positions are occupied by ethnic minorities (techUK).

Join us as we discuss:
🚀 Tech’s responsibility in shaping the future of diverse workplaces
🌎 Sustainable progress in the diversity space
✨ How Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging drives innovation
📲 The role of identity in the tech industry
💬 The perception of tech jobs as a barrier to entry
🤩 Inspiration for the next generation of tech workers

As the landscape transforms, our reliance on tech will only grow stronger. To build a healthy and equitable future, the unique experiences of a diverse humanity must be accounted for. Representation, action, and advocacy can make a difference. What can you do to help? Come along to our event and find out first-hand.

Our panel will include:

  • Steve Fuller - Host & Chair @ Race in STEM

  • Christine Noonan - Founder & CEO @ Klem

  • Klma Sharma - Tech Lead @ Hubspot

  • Mike Adebiyi - Enterprise Business Development Lead @ Google Cloud

  • Grace Hayes - Head of Product Delivery @ Mastercard

Christine Noonan
Christine is the CEO and founder of Klëm Digital Wardrobe Technology, a fashion AI startup. Originally from Uganda, she grew up in rural Ireland and went on to attend the University of Limerick for her Economics degree. She has since worked in tech companies in the US and Europe. Christine is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech and believes in the power of dialogue followed by action with the goal to create more room for minorities at the decision-making levels of tech companies.

Klma Sharma
Kmla Sharma is an Indian born Irish woman who has lived in Ireland for the last 28 years. She holds a degree in computer science from Trinity College Dublin and has been a backend engineer in the software engineering industry for the last 7 years. She has worked across many different domains including accounting machine learning software, transport logistics, financial tech and acquisition. Kmla currently works as a tech lead in Hubspot, where she uses her coding expertise to lead a team of engineers in Hubspot’s growth acquisition department.

Mike Adebiyi
Mike is an Enterprise Business Development Lead for Google Cloud in Dublin, Ireland, where he works with customers to adopt new Cloud technologies and processes to transform their business for the fast paced digital age. Mike has a passion for helping underrepresented groups across the industry and creating a workplace where people feel a sense of belonging. He has spent the last couple of years leading Google Cloud’s UK & Ireland DEI Group and now leads their internal Culture Group, working in partnership with the executive leadership team to nurture the organisation’s culture. Lastly he has been shortlisted for 'The Race Equality Champion' Award atThe Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Tech 2023 Awards, recognising the work he has done to advance racial equality in the technology industry.

Grace Hayes
Grace is currently leading all Product Delivery across the European division at Mastercard. She is accountable for defining and executing the implementation strategies and delivery readiness for new and enhanced products and services. Driving the introduction of multi-rail services, digital expansion, and the optimisation of our Gateway business. Grace drives value by unlocking intrinsic motivation to build a one-team culture to strategically position our diverse products for future growth.

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