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From Data-driven to people-driven: Leading with empathy in Tech

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06 July 2023 17:30-21:00 Register for Event

Join us in London on Thursday 6th July for our latest in-person panel discussion.

Can a good leader help solve the tech industry’s empathy deficit? Yes! A culture of empathy and inclusion starts from the top, and it benefits everyone in a space that’s calling out for a human touch.
Stakeholders, customers, and employees; the empathetic approach can help leaders build stronger relationships across the board, foster a more positive working environment, and drive better business outcomes.
It sounds good, but how do we do it? To coincide with this year's Pride month, the Pride in Tech community is teaming up with Women in DevOps to find out from the experts. The power of empathy has underpinned much of the Pride movement's incredible progress, so what better time to kickstart the conversation?
Join us in London on Thursday 6th July for our latest in-person panel discussion and networking initiative, From Data-Driven to People-Driven: Leading with Empathy in Tech.
 We’ll be delving into:
  • How to give and receive empathy
  • Empathy’s role in a data-driven world
  • The power of active listening
  • How to prioritise wellbeing
  • The importance of emotional intelligence in user outcomes
Our panel includes:
  • Abi Chamberlain - Chair @ Pride in Tech
  • Lauren Langdell - Host @ Women in DevOps
  • Oge Opara-Nadi - Head of Developer Experience & Operational Excellence @ 10x
If you’re up for an evening of learning and building meaningful connections, we’d love to see you there, RSVP and book your place today.

RSVP here.

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