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Empowering Women In DevOps & AI - Breaking Biases & Embracing Advocacy

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13 March 2024 06:00-09:00 Register for Event

What does it truly mean to embrace equity in today’s world? It has recently been highlighted that the gender equity gap in technology is higher than in any other sector, with only 17% of technology roles currently being held by women (BCS, 2023). With the AI revolution already in full swing, how do we evoke positive change in today’s tech world, and help shift the current status quo?

This week we asked a panel of experts the biggest questions around breaking current biases, as well as becoming active advocates for positive change in tech on March 12th in collaboration with Service Now.

The panel discussed:
🌎 Definition of an equitable world
⚖️ The Bias Problem – How can we create a space for fairness?
🕵️ Job Displacement – What will tomorrow’s jobs look like?
💕 Explore the benefits of achieving equity in the modern workplace
👂 Highlight the power of active advocacy
👩‍💻 Find out which steps the tech industry can take next
❤️ Envision an equitable future for all

If you’re hoping to form some meaningful new connections or want to learn how to make a positive difference of your own, come and join us. Sign up for our next FREE event here.