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Talking Equity: Breaking Biases and Embracing Advocacy

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28 March 2023 18:00-20:00 LondonRegister for Event

Join Women in DevOps as we partner up with Coding Black Females for our first-ever Bristol-based panel discussion!

What does it truly mean to embrace equity in today’s world? Inspired by this year's International Women's Day Theme, 'Embracing Equity,' we’ll be asking our expert panellists the biggest questions surrounding positive change. Join us on March 28th in collaboration with Coding Black Females, and hosted by Huboo.

If you’re hoping to form some meaningful new connections, learn how to make a positive difference of your own, and hear from key voices working inside the tech space today, get involved as we:

  • Define the meaning of an equitable world

  • Explore the benefits of achieving equity in the modern workplace

  • Highlight the power of active advocacy

  • Discuss the role of collective activism

  • Find out which steps the tech industry can take next

  • Envision an equitable future for all

We’ll be joined by the incredible:

  • Lauren Langdell - Host & Chair at Women in DevOps

  • Prakriti Karthauser - Sr. Platform Engineering Manager

  • Jen Beattie - Head of Engineering at GivePanel

  • Mhairi Hislop - Software Developer at Huboo

  • Evie Skinner - Software Engineer at MadeTech

Prakriti Karthauser
Prakriti was studying English Literature at Uni when she decided to drop out to work in the NOC for one of the first ISPs in the US. This somewhat rash decision kick-started her career in tech and she’s never looked back. Over the last 25 years, Prakriti has held an astonishing number of different roles within Networks and Infrastructure, from physically racking and stacking routers to architecting global backbone networks. Her career includes a 6-year maternity leave break where she gained some of her most valuable skills in leadership and communication. She is currently a Senior Platform Engineering Manager for Vodafone Business, leading a team of Systems and DevOps engineers. In her spare time, Prakriti runs a taxi service for the inhabitants of her house and plays board games.

Jen Beattie
Passionate about making an impact with tech and helping others to succeed, always with a creative touch. Combining creative problem-solving with a degree in Fine Art and a diploma in User Experience Jen wants to create a digital experience that everyone can enjoy. Starting her career as an unpaid intern for a Web Design company she quickly moved up to work for one of the UK's largest Financial Services. Fast forward 10 years and she's now Head of Engineering at GivePanel, helping non-profits raise more money through social media. When she's not coding or managing dev-ops you can find her hanging upside down enjoying aerial silks and hoops!

Mhairi Hislop
Working in male-dominated spaces all her professional life, Mhairi has transitioned through engineering, operations, programme management and strategy, eventually changing her career completely in 2020. Now a software developer of only two years, Mhairi works for Huboo delivering solutions for international customers, whilst aiming to complete her part-time master's in business analytics. She has done this whilst being on prescribed antidepressants used to treat the symptoms of anxiety and depression, for most of her adult life. As a result of this experience, she strives to normalise conversations about mental health, speak openly about alleviating the shame and stigma that can come attached to it, and carry that into the workplace.

This event represents the perfect opportunity to share stories and learn from one another, as we drive our commitment to building a more equitable working world for all. We look forward to seeing you all in Bristol!

Disclaimer: Your data will be held by Trinnovo Group (which Women in DevOps is part of) and our third-party partner.

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