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The Evolution of DevOps: Exploring the Digital Revolution

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20 April 2023 06:30-09:00 71 Queen Victoria Street, LondonRegister for Event

‘We shouldn’t forget ethics and AI. When we move at an accelerated pace, we are accelerating that bias.’ 

This week team Women in DevOps hosted our global hybrid event, ‘The Evolution of DevOps: Exploring the Digital Revolution’ in collaboration with the fabulous team at Funding Circle UK.  We discussed a plethora of interesting insights within the modern DevOps landscape, such as:

📲 The State of DevOps in 2023 
👩🏾‍💻 The Role of Developer Experience – and how this plays a part in DevOps 
☁️ DevOps in a cloud-native environment  
🔐 Making security a ‘first-class citizen’  
✅ Adopting an ethical mindset  
🤩 DevOps Trends in 2024 and Beyond 

We would like to thank our fantastic panellists Zainab Ottun, Tamara Miner (she/her), Oge Opara-Nadi and Phyto Michael for their sharp and current contributions.

Congratulations to our winner of JFrog's Apple HomePod Mini giveaway, Asma Dage!