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The Journey From On-Premise to Cloud (And Between Clouds)

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02 June 2023 07:30-10:00 Register for Event

Our DACH Ambassador Antonia Otter headed to Munich to host our much-anticipated event, 'The Journey from On-Premise to Cloud (And Between Clouds)' with the fabulous team at Thoughtworks.

As the tech space twists and turns, software engineers have access to more tools than ever before. The journey from on-premise to the cloud can be a tough one, so we decided to demystify it.

Burning questions asked on the evening included:
⚡️ What’s happening in the realms behind our applications?
⚡️ What does the journey from on-premise to the cloud look like?
⚡️ What does the hybrid approach look like when it works?
⚡️ Will we make it through a single discussion without mentioning ChatGPT?

Thank you to our fabulous panel Gayane Alaverdyan, Chuying He and Laura Franke. Thank you, also, to our wonderful audience, and a special shoutout to Eylem Bars! ❤️

Here's to part two! 🥳