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The 'T' in LGBTQIA+: The power of intersectional advocacy

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20 September 2023 18:30-22:00 LondonRegister for Event

​We welcome everyone with open wings, so we’re joining forces with Nando’s, Global Butterflies and London Bisexual Network to explore the power of intersectional advocacy in the workplace. And besides, you can't say no to a Nando's.

How can we make the professional world a kinder and fairer place for Trans and Non-Binary people? The working experience can’t be explained by looking through a single lens, nor can we cultivate an inclusive environment without authenticity.

With the help of our expert panellists, we’ll be discussing:

  • Corporate Advocacy vs. personal advocacy in the Trans and Non-Binary community

  • Bridging generational gaps and unpacking discussions

  • What it takes to feel a sense of belonging

  • Intersecting barriers to progress

  • The impact of language

Whether you’re a member of the community or you’re learning how to be a better ally inside and outside the workplace, our events are safe, supportive, friendly and fun spaces to share ideas, challenge perceptions and uncover opportunities. We can’t wait to see you there. RSVP to save your space today.

Our panel of speakers includes:

  • Ashleigh Phipps (she/her) - Host @ Pride in Tech

  • Asha Harkness (she/her) - Chair @ London Bisexual Network

Asha Harkness

Asha Harkness (she/her) is a proud queer, brown, neurodivergent woman, equity strategist, public speaker, trainer and founder of Indigo Inclusion an anti-racist diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) consultancy. She works with clients to build sustainable and inclusive workplaces and cultures, ensuring teams and businesses can thrive and grow. Her work is centered on education, engagement and empowerment through equity strategies, insights and in-depth community knowledge. Asha is also a committee member for the London Bisexual Network and volunteer for Outvertising.

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