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Why neurodiversity & mental health matter

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29 September 2022 17:30-20:30 71 Queen Victoria Street London EC4V 4AYRegister for Event

​More information to follow.

Our Panel:

  • Francesca Pollard - Host @ Women in DevOps

  • Ruth-Ellen Danquah - Chief Innovation Officer @ Exceptional Individuals

  • Angeline Mulet-Marquis - Engineering Manager @ Funding Circle

Discussion points/themes:

  • Creating a neurodiverse-Inclusive workplace

  • Why representation matters

  • How to support mental wellbeing

  • Reasonable adjustments in the recruitment process

  • The power of terminology – ‘mad’, ‘mental’, ‘crazy’ what to replace these words with

  • Not a one-size-fits all approach

Ruth-Ellen Danquah

Ruth-Ellen is a former business development manager for Expedia Group where she generated £115 million in new business sales. In 2009 Ruth-Ellen discovered her son was on the autistic spectrum. Then in 2012, Ruth-Ellen discovered she was dyslexic, dyspraxic later on ADHD, and autistic and was excited to learn about other people who were on their neurodivergent journey. So she created a platform for neurodivergent individuals to come together to collaborate and share their success stories.

There was also a passion for helping herself and others heal so she could stop operating from the wounds from years of masking from trying to “fit in”. She is certified as a consultant, trainer, speaker, master coach, hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Dialectical Behaviour Therapist, EFT Practitioner, life coach, Reiki Master, Mental Health First Aider and self-taught website developer.

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