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Victor Moreno

Victor is the Head of Engineering at HER App. He knew two things from a very early age: That he wanted to work in Tech and that he wanted to make the world a better place. Working in diverse teams in new countries made Victor even more aware of his sensitivity toward discrimination in our society - something he felt passionate about since his teenage years when he realised his bisexuality. Having endured discrimination and on so many occasions stood against it, led him to be part of various pro-equality organisations in Spain and the rest of Europe. Victor often gives back his time by doing public speaking as a queer person in leadership and is also a committee member of the London Bi network which looks for ways to reduce the discriminations these groups face. After many years working in tech, Victor admits he has first-hand experience with the rampant inequality of minorities and has developed an understanding of his privilege as a male in tech when he pursued leadership, so with every chance he gets, he offers mentorship to women that form part of minority groups and refuses to be a bystander of inequality. Within his role, he promotes equal rights and implements policies to ensure equality is a fact and not a PR stunt. Victor has committed to putting his voice and privilege to service for those who don’t have it until the end of his days.