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EDF Energy

EDF Energy is Britain’s largest supplier of zero-carbon electricity, powering millions of homes across the nation through wind, nuclear, and solar energy as they make strides on their mission to build a more sustainable future. As one of the biggest energy suppliers of British business, EDF employs over 11,000 people to oversee the continuous development, distribution, engineering, design, and transport of their vast infrastructure. To continue positive growth in the world of green electricity solutions, EDF utilises the versatile skill sets of an incredibly talented workforce.


Trinnovo Group were able to utilise two of their highly specialised staffing brands to design a bespoke hiring solution. Leveraging the expansive candidate networks of both Trust in SODA (digital tech recruitment) and Broadgate (business protection and enablement staffing), Trinnovo were able to reach the widest available talent pool.

By establishing an embedded hiring solution, Trinnovo Group were able to develop a comprehensive understanding EDF’s needs as a business, ensuring that clear and consistent communication enabled them to fill their roles with the right people.

Using a diversity-led, people-focused hiring methodology, Trinnovo Group were able to ensure that candidates not only had the right skillsets, but were the ideal cultural fit for EDF.


We worked on a project for EDF to build out their Software Engineering & Accounting teams in 2022 filling 100% of the roles. 7 placements made across Software Engineering, DevOps, Mobile & Technical Accounting.