Transitioning To Recruitment It’s A Win Win

Transitioning to Recruitment: It’s a Win-Win

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Transitioning to Recruitment: It’s a Win-Win

Once upon a time, I was a trainee accountant - at one of the prestigious Big Four accountancy firms.  Now, I’m a principal recruitment consultant.

It’s a career move I’ve never regretted. 

When I decided to make the change, I met a lot of resistance from accountancy colleagues, friends and family. I was told I was mad – waste of a good degree, move sideways, become a financial analyst, etc – not recruitment, OMG what are you doing? 

Well, over three years later, I’m still in recruitment and I couldn’t be happier.

Every day, I help clients build their businesses; I help candidates land their dream job. Every day, I meet new people, talk to new clients, and old. I match people with organisations. My job is exciting, it’s people-centred, it’s hard work and it’s incredibly rewarding. 

And, yes, there’s no denying that you can earn a lot of money (we all know about the money side) but it’s about a lot more than that – to succeed, you have to be passionate about the process and about what you want to achieve for people and clients. 

And the skills themselves? Yes, I’ve got paper qualifications – and yes, I have an insider’s accountancy knowledge and experience from two years inside a top firm. But recruitment demands specific, specialist skillsets – the soft skills so highly prized by our clients. 

  • Organisation and time-management – successful multi-tasking

  • Negotiation – discussing and agreeing terms to satisfy client and candidate

  • Resilience – meeting challenges with a positive mindset

  • Adaptability – no two days are ever the same

  • Patience – processes can take a long time

  • Teamwork – collaboration is essential

  • Honesty – with clients, candidates and colleagues

  • Empathy – identifying, understanding candidate aspirations, client culture and business aims

Nowadays, (here at Broadgate for sure) recruitment also offers a defined career path – with progression, responsibility, international opportunities and training built-in (two promotions in two years for me). So, you are constantly learning and developing your skills which give you a sense of purpose and personal growth.

One quick story: A candidate of mine in 2020 was rejected twice during the worst of the pandemic for a role my gut told me they were perfect for. I persevered because the candidate really wanted the job and, finally, after five months, the client came back to me. They wanted to see them. They went down a storm at the interview as I’d predicted, were offered the role and months later are settled into the job, happy, as is the client. A lot of recruiters would have given up at the first rejection. It helps that I’m inside a collaborative culture where you can be honest to your managers and they will support you – especially when things don’t go to plan!

So, my advice: trust your gut. Back yourself all the way. I guarantee a win-win.

Caragh Rafferty is a Principal Consultant at Broadgate Search (Ireland) specialising in accountancy, finance and internal audit. To reach out to Caragh to discuss job opportunities or client requirements please email or telephone 0035315136265

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