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Why Veterans Make Ideal Leaders

​Many veterans find themselves in a tricky position when they leave the forces: They’re overqualified for entry-level roles, but they struggle to land leadership positions. Why is this? Veterans ar...

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Podcast Episode 13: Gear up for Tech: A career guide for veterans

Welcome to Episode 13 of the Ex-Military Careers Podcast Series! If you're a veteran transitioning from the battlefield to the bustling world of technology, you're in for a treat. In this action-pa...

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Veteran Transition Tips: Mentorship and Career Growth

Whether you’ve landed your first civilian job or you’re pivoting into a brand-new industry, mentorship is valuable at any stage of your professional journey. For veterans, mentors provide a guiding...

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From Frontline to Tech: Navigating the Transition

After years of military service, finding a fulfilling job might feel overwhelming. Veterans have a unique set of skills and experiences that often make them world-class candidates, especially in a ...

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Workplace Integration Tips for Veterans

For many veterans, this process starts with a real culture shock. Comparable to military life, a civilian workplace can seem like it lacks structure, concrete mission targets, and even discipline.T...

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Essential Transition Tips: Recognizing Your Evergreen Skills

​Struggling to translate your military experience? You’re not alone. Whether it’s writing a resumé, choosing the right words in an interview, or even matching your skills with opportunities, plenty...

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Hiring Veterans: Your Guide to Regimented Retention Rates

​If you’re hoping to benefit from the incredible skills veterans bring to the workplace, it’s important to make sure you have the workplace to support them. Here are some tips to help you get start...

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Fostering tomorrow's Leaders: The Power of Peer-to-Peer Learning in Cultivating a Growth-Enabled Culture

​Leadership isn't just about reaching the top of the ladder, it's about inspiring others to reach for the top with you. As part of the learning and development function at Trinnovo Group, we unders...

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Press Release: Trinnovo Group Awarded B Corp Status

​Trinnovo Group Awarded B-Corp Status with a Score of 115.2, Placing Among Top 7% of Recruiters in the United Kingdom [17/07/2023, London] Trinnovo Group, a market-leading recruitment and advisory ...

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Becoming a B Corp

​Since we launched Trinnovo Group in 2020, incorporating Trust in SODA, Broadgate Search & BioTalent, we’ve been guided by a clear mission: to build diversity, create inclusion, and encourage workp...

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What Makes an Effective Mentor?

​The mentor/mentee relationship takes many different forms. Whether it’s a connection that’s been cultivated over a decade or a 15-minute café date, the effectiveness of mentorship ultimately depen...

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Is Kindness a Core Leadership Competency?

​Great team leaders are often remembered for their kindness. It’s the type of kindness that stretches beyond a smile and enriches the working experience. Kindness doesn’t have to be mellow or soft ...

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The Problem with Employee Recognition

​Employee recognition is a vital piece of the company culture puzzle, but it needs to be done right to have any meaningful impact. Even well-intentioned praise can come across as hollow if it’s bad...

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EMC podcast: Episode 10 - Creating a positive dialogue with Dave Coleman from Civvy2Commando

​In this episode, Ellis chats to Ex-Royal Marine and Entrepreneur, Dave Coleman to guide us through his journey in the Marines and how he came to found Civvy2Commando.Check it out here:

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What Blocks the Emergence of Psychological Safety?

​Psychological safety provides the foundations of great team cohesion, but what exactly does it mean? In the name of avoiding definition dilution, here’s what Amy Edmundson explained it as when sh...

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Pride in 2022: How far have we really come?

​Globally, June is the month of the year people where queer people are able to celebrate: who we are, where we come from and remembering those who risked their lives so we can be free today. With t...

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Designing for Neurodiversity: How to Build a Better Workplace for All (with Tips from the Experts)

​The world’s workplaces are evolving with each passing moment, from their cultures to their mission statements, all the way down to the light fixtures. Between the many external pressures influenci...

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Celebrating our CEO, James' 5-year anniversary at Trinnovo Group

A huge congratulations and thank you to our wonderful CEO James Cox for his 5 years of leadership here at Trinnovo Group. Following his launch of BioTalent and a strategic leadership role within t...

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Inspirational US Black Leaders - Justin Wilson

​We're pleased to feature Justin Wilson as an inspirational leader this month. As a Health Scientist and Biology Professor at Xavier University of Louisiana, Dr. Wilson leads teams in health dispar...

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