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Fostering tomorrow's Leaders: The Power of Peer-to-Peer Learning in Cultivating a Growth-Enabled Culture

​Leadership isn't just about reaching the top of the ladder, it's about inspiring others to reach for the top with you. As part of the learning and development function at Trinnovo Group, we unders...

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Press Release: Trinnovo Group Awarded B Corp Status

​Trinnovo Group Awarded B-Corp Status with a Score of 115.2, Placing Among Top 7% of Recruiters in the United Kingdom [17/07/2023, London] Trinnovo Group, a market-leading recruitment and advisory ...

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Becoming a B Corp

​Since we launched Trinnovo Group in 2020, incorporating Trust in SODA, Broadgate Search & BioTalent, we’ve been guided by a clear mission: to build diversity, create inclusion, and encourage workp...

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What Makes an Effective Mentor?

​The mentor/mentee relationship takes many different forms. Whether it’s a connection that’s been cultivated over a decade or a 15-minute café date, the effectiveness of mentorship ultimately depen...

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Is Kindness a Core Leadership Competency?

​Great team leaders are often remembered for their kindness. It’s the type of kindness that stretches beyond a smile and enriches the working experience. Kindness doesn’t have to be mellow or soft ...

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The Problem with Employee Recognition

​Employee recognition is a vital piece of the company culture puzzle, but it needs to be done right to have any meaningful impact. Even well-intentioned praise can come across as hollow if it’s bad...

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What Blocks the Emergence of Psychological Safety?

​Psychological safety provides the foundations of great team cohesion, but what exactly does it mean? In the name of avoiding definition dilution, here’s what Amy Edmundson explained it as when sh...

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Pride in 2022: How far have we really come?

​Globally, June is the month of the year people where queer people are able to celebrate: who we are, where we come from and remembering those who risked their lives so we can be free today. With t...

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Designing for Neurodiversity: How to Build a Better Workplace for All (with Tips from the Experts)

​The world’s workplaces are evolving with each passing moment, from their cultures to their mission statements, all the way down to the light fixtures. Between the many external pressures influenci...

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Celebrating our CEO, James' 5-year anniversary at Trinnovo Group

A huge congratulations and thank you to our wonderful CEO James Cox for his 5 years of leadership here at Trinnovo Group. Following his launch of BioTalent and a strategic leadership role within t...

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Inspirational US Black Leaders - Justin Wilson

​We're pleased to feature Justin Wilson as an inspirational leader this month. As a Health Scientist and Biology Professor at Xavier University of Louisiana, Dr. Wilson leads teams in health dispar...

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What do great teams do differently?

​It’s December 5th, 2014, and I’m in a minibus driving through the desert. All I can see for miles is sand and this single road stretching into the horizon. This is the landscape that greets you ...

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‘The Pink Triangles: The Gay Victims of the Holocaust’

​The 27th of January commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day, marking the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the largest of the notorious 'Death Camps'. This day is a time for us to remember t...

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5 Simple Ways to Create a more Sustainable Workplace

​A recession looms on the horizon, hybrid working models are emerging from their infancy, and, according to The Guardian, another selection of single-use plastics is mere moments away from being ba...

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5 Ways to Grow as a Leader in 2023

Brand-new year, brand-new opportunities. For leaders everywhere, 2023 represents a chance to embrace the person-centred adaptability that the modern workplace has been calling for. Hybrid working m...

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Raising Awareness for World Braille Day 2023

​January 4th marks the birthday of the inventor and educator Louis Braille, creator of the ground-breaking Braille code system of communication, a system that’s made the world more accessible for v...

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Why New Year's Resolutions Fail (And How to Succeed with Yours)

The infamous New Year’s resolution – it’s a tradition that, ironically, often sees meaningful self-development take a backseat.​Why do so many of us fail at sticking to our midnight promise? Is th...

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How to be inclusive at Christmas

​The Christmas festivities are out in force, and while it’s easy to get caught up in the occasion, it’s important to remember that this time of year represents some tough challenges for much of the...

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5 Ways To Engage Your Employees In Tough Times (1)

5 ways to engage your employees in tough times

​There’s been no shortage of tough times over the last few years, and it’s taken its toll on employee engagement.  As the post-COVID era scrambles to work itself out, UK engagement levels are at a ...

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