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Podcast Episode 5: Changing the Game – Timeless Transformation Strategies with Amanda Wallace

​In this episode of the Trinnovo Consulting podcast, Micha Swallow sat down with the insightful Amanda Wallace to talk about all things change and transformation in today's volatile business landsc...

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Case Study: Tower Cold Chain x Trinnovo Consulting

​Tower needed to provide interview training to their management team to support planned headcount growth.Trinnovo Consulting delivered an interactive training programme designed to create lasting b...

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Case Study: Virgin Money x Trinnovo Consulting

​Virgin Money’s Culture, Capability and Organisational Development consultants were leading an initiative to develop the talent assessment and interviewing mindset of their Leadership team. To prep...

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Case Study: Avado Fast Futures x Trinnovo Consulting

​Avado believes in the power of progress through learning, and since launching the free ground-breaking digital skills programme, FastFutures, back in 2020, Avado has successfully delivered trainin...

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What do CEOs Really Want from Their Leaders?

What does the ideal leadership skillset look like? Organisational paradigms are always evolving. Culture, values, strategy, consumer habits – growth and transformation is guaranteed, and responsibi...

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The Power of Laughter in Corporate Culture

Laughter is a stress remedy, a corporate misery relief that enlivens company culture – why isn’t there more of it in the workplace? Typically, work isn’t a hilarious concept, nor is it remotely fun...

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Is Kindness a Core Leadership Competency?

​Great team leaders are often remembered for their kindness. It’s the type of kindness that stretches beyond a smile and enriches the working experience. Kindness doesn’t have to be mellow or soft ...

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The Problem with Employee Recognition

​Employee recognition is a vital piece of the company culture puzzle, but it needs to be done right to have any meaningful impact. Even well-intentioned praise can come across as hollow if it’s bad...

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging: Pillars of Business Enablement

​Tick-box diversity gets rumbled straight out of the gate. Clients, candidates and employees can see through it like cellophane, and it hinders, not helps your ultimate value proposition. Shifting ...

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Trinnovo Consulting: Podcast episode 4 - Thinking outside the box with Caragh McMurtry OLY

​Joining us on this episode of the Unlocking Performance podcast was the amazing Caragh McMurtry OLY, Founder of Neurodiverse Sport and former Olympian. How do we make sure everyone can be the best...

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Trinnovo Consulting: Podcast episode 3 - Rethinking Wellbeing with Dr Fran Longstaff

​These are exciting times for the Unlocking Performance podcast – we were joined by the Incredible Fran Longstaff Ph.D., head of psychology at Fika, who shared with us her unique insight into the h...

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What Blocks the Emergence of Psychological Safety?

​Psychological safety provides the foundations of great team cohesion, but what exactly does it mean? In the name of avoiding definition dilution, here’s what Amy Edmundson explained it as when sh...

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Designing for Neurodiversity: How to Build a Better Workplace for All (with Tips from the Experts)

​The world’s workplaces are evolving with each passing moment, from their cultures to their mission statements, all the way down to the light fixtures. Between the many external pressures influenci...

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Trinnovo Consulting: Podcast episode 2 - Maximising team performance through psychological safety with Adam Travis

We welcomed the incredible Adam Travis to this week’s Unlocking Performance podcast, where we talked about the vital role of psychological safety on the journey towards maximising team performance,...

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What do great teams do differently?

​It’s December 5th, 2014, and I’m in a minibus driving through the desert. All I can see for miles is sand and this single road stretching into the horizon. This is the landscape that greets you ...

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Trinnovo Consulting: Podcast episode 1 - Introducing the Unlocking Performance Podcast with Cara Myers & Abi Chamberlain

​Cara Myers and Abi Chamberlain sit down to talk all things consulting, where they dissect the biggest challenges facing companies today, including the barriers to implementing solutions.Check out ...

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5 Simple Ways to Create a more Sustainable Workplace

​A recession looms on the horizon, hybrid working models are emerging from their infancy, and, according to The Guardian, another selection of single-use plastics is mere moments away from being ba...

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5 Ways to Grow as a Leader in 2023

Brand-new year, brand-new opportunities. For leaders everywhere, 2023 represents a chance to embrace the person-centred adaptability that the modern workplace has been calling for. Hybrid working m...

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Returning to the Office: The Rise of the In-Person Value Proposition

Many of the world’s workforces have fallen in love with the convenience of remote working, and it’s going to be difficult to persuade them that a return to the office is the right move, even if yo...

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What's worse, a bad hire or a bad hiring process?

What do you do when you’re looking for a new employee who can hit the ground running, and instead they just…hit the ground? We know there’s a high cost associated with a bad hire, but how often do ...

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