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Intersectionality: Beyond the Buzzwords

Intersectionality, a term first coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989 to explain the overlapping combinations of discrimination and privilege linked to our social and political identities, has become...

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The Value of Cultural Competency in Leadership

Is cultural competence the key to an inclusive workplace? The modern working world is home to the most diverse generation in history (Gen Z), representing a wealth of different experiences, ethnic ...

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The Evolution of Tokenism

Between oncoming regulatory pressures and evolving consumer expectation, diversity and inclusion are firmly under the spotlight. On the surface, it’s a wholly positive (and desperately needed) deve...

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Building Fairer Futures with Action for Race Equality (ARE)

​For the inaugural episode of the Ethnicity Speaks podcast, we joined forces with our charity partners, Action for Race Equality (ARE) to bring you a discussion on the journey to an equitable worki...

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Es Launch

Trinnovo Group launches new community group, Ethnicity Speaks

​London, 10th June 2024. Diversity-focused recruitment and advisory specialist, Trinnovo Group, has announced the launch of their new community group –Ethnicity Speaks. Ethnicity Speaks is a commun...

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Performative Allyship vs Genuine Allyship: Building an Inclusive Workplace

Maintaining an authentically inclusive workplace environment means recognising the difference between performative and genuine allyship.Performative allyship can be deceiving. It may seem supportiv...

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Trinnovo Group Announce New Charity Partnership with Action for Race Equality

​[London, 30/04/2024] Trinnovo Group is delighted to announce a new partnership with anti-racism charity, Action for Race Equality.ARE are a non-profit on a mission to end racial inequality. They d...

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Trinnovo Group Prepares for Ramadan!

​It's less than a week until Ramadan begins! 🌙As we approach this month, I wanted to highlight the significance of this month and how best to provide an inclusive environment. 🤲Why do we fast? It's...

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Bias in Tech: Does AI Obscure the Contribution of Black Artists?

​Between the many promises of AI, there lies a hidden challenge that tech companies are desperately trying to address: bias.This bias is woven into AI from skewed data, homogenised thinking, or pre...

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BHM: The Impact of Code-Switching on Authentic Workplaces

Do you ever find yourself switching up the way you speak in different social contexts? Perhaps you change your mannerisms, vocabulary, or even the intonation of your voice – it’s known as code-swit...

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging: Pillars of Business Enablement

​Tick-box diversity gets rumbled straight out of the gate. Clients, candidates and employees can see through it like cellophane, and it hinders, not helps your ultimate value proposition. Shifting ...

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Download our White Paper, 'Black History Month: Diversity in DevOps'

​Download our latest FREE white paper titled ‘Black History Month: Diversity in DevOps,’ in collaboration with Coding Black Females. We spoke about the shortage of women in the tech landscape, and ...

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Shedding Light on Holocaust Memorial Day with Manfred Goldberg OBE

​Trinnovo Group are honoured to have welcomed Holocaust survivor Manfred Goldberg MBE to the London office yesterday, who shared his incredible story of resilience and resolve in the face of unimag...

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Inspirational US Black Leaders - Justin Wilson

​We're pleased to feature Justin Wilson as an inspirational leader this month. As a Health Scientist and Biology Professor at Xavier University of Louisiana, Dr. Wilson leads teams in health dispar...

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Diverse Workforce

5 Benefits Of Encouraging Diversity In The Workplace

​A diverse workforce that features people from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, abilities and lifestyles benefits everyone. By having a workforce that is a better representative of society your ...

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Supporting Islamophobia Awareness Month 2022

​In the UK, 42% of religious hate crime was targeted towards Muslims in the year ending March 2022 (Home Office), a rise of almost 28% from the previous year, and a stark reminder of the nation’s ...

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Black History Month 2022

​‘Black Joy is about being completely free, unencumbered and being able to be your authentic self’ - Irenosen OkojieOctober 2022 marks the 35th anniversary of Black History Month in the UK, a tim...

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Li Standard  (22)

Black Pride 2022 – An interview with Giselle Williams

​On the 14th August, Black Pride is celebrated in the UK – Europe’s largest celebration for African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and Caribbean-heritage LGBTQ+ people. This huge event was...

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Tash Koster Thomas

Celebrating Black Pride with Tash Thomas

​As part of our Black Pride campaign at Trinnovo Group, we are shining a light on the inspirational leaders in our community, highlighting their thoughts on the importance of Black Pride, what it...

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