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From Frontline to Tech: Navigating the Transition

After years of military service, finding a fulfilling job might feel overwhelming. Veterans have a unique set of skills and experiences that often make them world-class candidates, especially in a ...

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Workplace Integration Tips for Veterans

For many veterans, this process starts with a real culture shock. Comparable to military life, a civilian workplace can seem like it lacks structure, concrete mission targets, and even discipline.T...

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Women's History Month 2024 - Spotlighting Our People

✨✊💐 We’re kicking off Women's History Month by spotlighting the incredible women of Trinnovo Group! Our iconic women are making history every day, and we’re thrilled to celebrate their excellence (...

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Trinnovo Group Prepares for Ramadan!

​It's less than a week until Ramadan begins! 🌙As we approach this month, I wanted to highlight the significance of this month and how best to provide an inclusive environment. 🤲Why do we fast? It's...

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Essential Transition Tips: Recognizing Your Evergreen Skills

​Struggling to translate your military experience? You’re not alone. Whether it’s writing a resumé, choosing the right words in an interview, or even matching your skills with opportunities, plenty...

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We've Moved! Check Out Our New Dublin Office

Our Dublin office has relocated! We’re waving a heartfelt goodbye to Charlemont Exchange – thanks for having us! You can now find us at 5 Harcourt Road, Dublin, D02 FW64, right in the centre of the...

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