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Update from the Gender Network: Movember!

​What it’s all about really? It is more than a celebration of facial hair, although that is undeniably a major driving force – it’s in the name after all.Movember’s story, like all good stories, st...

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Pride in Tech - Building an Inclusive Workplace: Supporting LGBT Employees Across Borders

🌈✨ How can we create an inclusive workplace that transcends borders? Last week we teamed up with our friends from Indeed Flex for a panel discussion where we explored what it means to foster a supp...

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Trinnovo (1)

Our U.S. Team Have Moved!

Hello Summer Street! Our US team have moved to the heart of downtown Boston (a three-minute walk away from South Station), and we couldn’t be happier. As part of our 5-year vision, we’ve laid out p...

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Wid Podcast Visuals

Advocating for Inclusive Work Environments with Katie Roberts, Account Principal at Nearform

​'I would rather have an occasional need to bring everybody into that same space and use that time wisely.' In this Women in DevOps episode, Lauren Langdell is joined by Katie Roberts, Account Prin...

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Nurturing Authentic Leaders in a Culture of Accountability

At Trinnovo Group, we're on a journey to ensure that we’re not only supporting emerging leaders, but also equipping them with the skills and mindset needed for authentic leadership. Let's explore h...

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Case Study: Fund and Corporate Services Client

​Broadgate partnered with an award-winning fund and corporate services organisation, revered around the globe for its expertise and integrity in the finance space.With a headcount of over 700, Broa...

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Case Study: Tide x Broadgate

OverviewTide is the UK’s leading business banking platform, FinTech pioneers on a mission to save time and money for small businesses everywhere. From entrepreneurs to freelancers, Tide's digital b...

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Case Study: Avado Fast Futures x Trinnovo Consulting

​Avado believes in the power of progress through learning, and since launching the free ground-breaking digital skills programme, FastFutures, back in 2020, Avado has successfully delivered trainin...

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Case Study: Allegis Global Solutions x SODA

​OverviewAllegis Global Solutions is reimagining the modern working world with a uniquely agile approach to talent management. By taking the all-encompassing approach to business growth, AGS can he...

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Case Study: Baker McKenzie x Broadgate

​OverviewBaker McKenzie is reinventing the legal industry in a globally interconnected business world. With a team of over 13,000 operating out of more than 70 offices worldwide, Baker McKenzie del...

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Case Study: Trivago x SODA

Trivago is a world-leading tech company with a vision to reshape the way travellers find and compare accommodation. Since 2005, the Trivago team have utilized the versatile skillsets of top tech ta...

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Case Study: SCOR x Broadgate

OverviewAs one of the world’s largest reinsurers, the team at SCOR are experts in the world of risk management and cautious investment, combining industry-leading financial tools and services to de...

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Ng Voice

Case Study: ng-voice x SODA

​OverviewCombining crystal clear business vision with a wealth of technical expertise, ng-voice have been building innovative solutions in the telecom space since 2011. As open-source pioneers, the...

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Fostering Tomorrow's Leaders: Creating a Culture of Growth

A growth-enabled culture begins with a mindset, a belief that growth is not a destination but a journey, not a privilege, but a right for every individual. It's a mindset that aligns with our commi...

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Download our 2023 Impact Report

It brings us immense pride and excitement to announce the launch of our brand-new 2023 Impact Report. We are thrilled to share our second annual Impact Report with you, marking a significant milest...

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Bi Visibility Day   Pit Blog

Pride in Tech Podcast Episode 3 - Episode 3 - Overcoming DEIB Fatigue and Running a Global Pride ERG with Jaipal Sachdev

In this episode Alfie Rice is joined by somebody who is no stranger to the Pride in Tech's Jaipal Sachdev! Jaipal is a distinguished leader and advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Incl...

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