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Case Study: ng-voice x SODA

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Case Study: ng-voice x SODA


Combining crystal clear business vision with a wealth of technical expertise, ng-voice have been building innovative solutions in the telecom space since 2011. As open-source pioneers, the ng-voice team are no strangers to the evolving world of tech.

To continue delivering its leading-edge cloud-native services, ng-voice relies on the skills of a highly versatile workforce. From DevOps experts to talent acquisition specialists, a dependable candidate pipeline is critical to future success.


ng-voice needed to make a range of business-critical hires, but time was not on their side. To ensure that they filled their roles promptly while maintaining a commitment to diversity and inclusion, ng-voice reached out to the Trust in SODA team due to their core staffing focus on DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging) for support.


Members of the SODA squad went onsite with ng-voice for six months, where they leveraged duel marketing to build brand awareness, delivered interview training, and established an open feedback loop for stakeholders. SODA utilised its community network, Women in DevOps, to conduct video interviews, boosting brand association.

By creating a two-week interview process, Trust in SODA was able to reduce the time-to-fill rate, speeding up the candidate journey and increasing the percentage of accepted job offers.

As a result, SODA made 24 key placements across DevOps, Quality Assurance, Software Engineering and Talent Acquisition.


20 Job vacancies

204 CVs sourced

146 Interviews

27 Finals

24 Placements


‘The SODA team have been phenomenal in this whole recruiting process and is able to understand the candidate requirements and deliver on them every time!’ – Head of Engineering, ng-voice

‘I learned a lot and I had a very good time. Flexibility and supportiveness were points I can highlight.’ – DevOps Team Leader, ng-voice.