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Podcast Episode 13: Gear up for Tech: A career guide for veterans

Welcome to Episode 13 of the Ex-Military Careers Podcast Series! If you're a veteran transitioning from the battlefield to the bustling world of technology, you're in for a treat. In this action-pa...

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Join our Train and Deploy waiting list

​Act now to secure your place on the waiting list and unlock exclusive access to our train and deploy program! Don't let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers – be at the forefront of i...

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Veteran Transition Tips: Mentorship and Career Growth

Whether you’ve landed your first civilian job or you’re pivoting into a brand-new industry, mentorship is valuable at any stage of your professional journey. For veterans, mentors provide a guiding...

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From Frontline to Tech: Navigating the Transition

After years of military service, finding a fulfilling job might feel overwhelming. Veterans have a unique set of skills and experiences that often make them world-class candidates, especially in a ...

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Uncovering the Foundations of a Healthy DevOps Culture with Natasha Haveron, Senior Director of Engineering at ServiceNow

​Meet Natasha Haveron, Senior Director of Engineering at ServiceNow, who joins Sabrina Battiston for our latest Women in DevOps podcast. Natasha is a Senior Technology Leader with experience across...

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Woman of the Year 2023 - Lauren Langdell is Highly Commended

​BREAKING NEWS ALERT! Get Ready to Celebrate! 🚀🎉💥🌈A huge round of applause and heartfelt congratulations to our incredible Founder at Women in DevOps, and all-around superhero, Lauren Langdell, who...

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Advocating for Inclusive Work Environments with Katie Roberts, Account Principal at Nearform

​'I would rather have an occasional need to bring everybody into that same space and use that time wisely.' In this Women in DevOps episode, Lauren Langdell is joined by Katie Roberts, Account Prin...

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Ng Voice

Case Study: ng-voice x SODA

​OverviewCombining crystal clear business vision with a wealth of technical expertise, ng-voice have been building innovative solutions in the telecom space since 2011. As open-source pioneers, the...

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Fostering Tomorrow's Leaders: Creating a Culture of Growth

A growth-enabled culture begins with a mindset, a belief that growth is not a destination but a journey, not a privilege, but a right for every individual. It's a mindset that aligns with our commi...

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Download our 2023 Impact Report

It brings us immense pride and excitement to announce the launch of our brand-new 2023 Impact Report. We are thrilled to share our second annual Impact Report with you, marking a significant milest...

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Pride in Tech Podcast Episode 3 - Episode 3 - Overcoming DEIB Fatigue and Running a Global Pride ERG with Jaipal Sachdev

In this episode Alfie Rice is joined by somebody who is no stranger to the Pride in Tech's Jaipal Sachdev! Jaipal is a distinguished leader and advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Incl...

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Recognising Bi Visibility Day with Asha Harkness and Sara Chandran

Outlined by Stonewall, Bi Visibility Day offers the opportunity to address the challenges the bisexual community faces, as well as how we can all play a role in addressing biphobia. We caught up wi...

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Diversity Fatigue: Beating Burnout in the D&I Space

Coined in the late nineties to describe the hardships of workplace diversification, ‘diversity fatigue’ has since found its way into many modern businesses. It’s typically used to define the frustr...

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Happy Women's Equality Day from Women in DevOps

At Women in DevOps, we’re on a mission to close the DevOps gender gap and inspire the future leaders of the tech world, and we’ve had the honour of connecting with thousands of incredible individua...

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Pride in Tech Podcast Episode 2 - Uncovering Corporate Allyship with Emma Cusdin and Rachel Reese

​​What does corporate allyship look like in 2023? Our latest Pride in Tech features insights from the fabulous Emma Cusdin (she/her) and Rachel Reese (she/her) who lead the incredible Global Butter...

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Community Spotlight: Meet Evie Skinner

At Women in DevOps,​ we strive to promote gender equity as we encourage, celebrate, and empower like-minded tech professionals around the world. We are shining a light on our community member, Evi...

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Watch Your Language - Is Your Business Heading for a Jargon Crisis?

​Indecipherable corporate jargon is more hazardous than it seems. Language needs to be a bridge to meaning, not a barrier. If you hear sentences like: ‘We need to roll out NLP by Q3 to circle back ...

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5 ways to Renew Your Influence as a Leader

Leadership, like influence, is an endless process of self-development; it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Effective leaders use a range of overlapping influence tactics to encourage, optimise, and engag...

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Your D&I Strategy: What’s Driving Resistance?

On some level, resistance to change is a business guarantee, but that doesn’t make it any less painful at the time. What drives that resistance? Perhaps more importantly, who’s doing the resisting?...

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What do CEOs Really Want from Their Leaders?

What does the ideal leadership skillset look like? Organisational paradigms are always evolving. Culture, values, strategy, consumer habits – growth and transformation is guaranteed, and responsibi...

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