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Equiris Podcast (3)

Equiris Consulting: Podcast episode 2 - Maximising team performance through psychological safety with Adam Travis

We welcomed the incredible Adam Travis to this week’s Equiris Consulting: Unlocking Performance podcast, where we talked the vital role of psychological safety on the journey towards maximising tea...

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Copy Of Bg Podcast Li

Equiris Consulting: Podcast episode 1 - Introducing the Unlocking Performance Podcast with Cara Myers & Abi Chamberlain

​Cara Myers and Abi Chamberlain sit down to talk all things business consultancy, where they dissect the biggest challenges facing companies today, including the barriers to implementing solutions....

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Trinnovo Talks Podcast Social Shaun

Trinnovo Talks: Podcast episode 13: Spotlight on Trinnovo Group's growth in the US with Shaun Robinson

​In this episode, Alex chats with our Group Managing Director in the US, Shaun Robinson. Discussing his journey so far, the keys behind his personal success, advice he’d give to recruiters at all s...

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Trinnovo Talks Podcast (1)

Trinnovo Talks: Podcast episode 12: Building out our markets and opening a new office with Mike Kakoulis

​In this episode, Alex sits down with Mike Kakoulis, Group Director for Trinnovo’s East Coast business. They discuss Mike’s story so far, the advice he would give to hands-on Consultants and the ro...

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Ep 2 Marion

Trinnovo Social: Podcast episode 2: Diversity in hiring with Marion Szeiler

​Ayesha Tabbal, Recruitment Consultant in our BioTalent brand as part of Trinnovo Group hosts this discussion, exploring diversity in hiring and the changes Marion has seen since making diversity a...

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Trinnovo Talks: Podcast episode 11: Deep-diving into our embedded solutions with Oliver Peters

​In this episode, Alex sits down with Global VP for Client Engagement, Oliver Peters. Oliver’s in the process of building Trinnovo’s greenfield Client Engagement strategy and in this pod we take a ...

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Trinnovo Talks: Podcast episode 10 - Spearheading Trinnovo to the Investors in People Platinum award with Hayley Harkins

​Alex sits down with our Head of HR and PeopleOps, Hayley Harkins. Since arriving at Trinnovo just over 2 years ago, she has spearheaded the Group achieving Investors in People Platinum and another...

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Trinnovo Talks: Podcast episode 9 - Understanding your 'why' and looking after yourself with Kevin Adam

​In this episode, Alex sits down with Kevin Adam, Business Manager for Broadgate in Dublin. Kevin joined the business as our fourth employee in Ireland and has played an influential role in our gro...

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Trinnovo Talks: Podcast episode 8 - Accounting & Finance from the ground up with Gareth James

In this episode, Alex sits down with Gareth James, who heads up Broadgate Search’s Accounting & Finance practice – a team which he built from scratch to it’s current size of 10 people across the UK...

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Restyle Kayleigh

Trinnovo Talks: Podcast episode 7 - Overcoming Challenges and Turning Your Performance Around With Kayleigh Best

​​​In this episode, Alex sat down with BioTalent's Kayleigh Best, who has just completed her first 18 months in recruitment. The first 12, by her own admission, were very challenging. However, trus...

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Restyle Jon

Trinnovo Talks: Podcast episode 6 - Starting Out in Recruitment With Jonathan Wilson-Kouevi

​​​In this episode, Alex sat down with Jonathan Wilson-Kouevi who, despite joining Trinnovo as a Trainee just 10 months ago has made a huge impact, not just in terms of performance but also on our ...

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Restyle Anthony

Trinnovo Talks: Podcast episode 5 - An Innovative Approach to Recruitment With Anthony Kelly

​In this episode, Alex Willshere sat down with Anthony Kelly, who was crowned Top Perm Biller & People’s Champion for Innovation at the Trinnovo Group Awards Ceremony in March. Neither award would ...

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Ep 1 Ayesha

Trinnovo Social: Podcast episode 1: Black History Month: The Great Resignation: Wellness Culture vs Grind Culture

​As the racial justice movement created a wave of change, it highlighted where progression was needed to be made. The economic trend ‘The Great Resignation’ began in the United States as large sums...

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Dan Mapstone

Trinnovo Talks: Podcast episode 4 - Performance and Mental Health With Dan Mapstone

​​​In this episode,Alex Willsherespeaks toDan Mapstone, who joinedTrust in SODAin February 2019 and by his own admission, had a poor first 12 months with the business in terms of his performance, w...

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Tt Joel

Trinnovo Talks: Podcast episode 3 - Addressing the Representation Gap for Veterans With Joel Forrester

​​​In episode 3 of the Trinnovo Talks podcast, Alex Willshere sits down with Joel Forrester, Client Engagement Director at, part ofTrinnovo Group.In this discussion, we explo...

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Trinnovo Talks: Podcast episode 2: 12 Months in Recruitment at Trinnovo Group with Mike Rogers

​In this episode, we speak to Mike Rogers, who, despite only joining Trinnovo Group as a trainee just over 12 months ago, has already achieved a huge amount and is a great example to anyone, partic...

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Trinnovo Talks: Podcast episode 1: From London to Los Angeles with West Coast Group Director Lauren Langdell

​In our first episode, we will travel from London to Los Angeles, to meet with Lauren Langdell, known by many across the group as Langers. Langers started with Trust in SODA in 2016 and is a genuin...

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