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Episode 4: The Switching Self – Perspective and Identity, with Whitney Simon

​In this episode of the Ethnicity Speaks podcast, we caught up with the wonderful Whitney Simon to get her thoughts on all things race, identity, moving to the UK, and developing an international p...

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Episode 6: Leading Change in Finance, with Mary O'Connor

​We're delighted to bring you insights from Mary O'Connor, one of the most influential change-makers in financial services today.A proven Board-level executive (having served as CEO, CRO, Head of G...

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Equitable Education in the Age of AI with Manjinder Kainth, CEO of Graide

​This week, UK Ambassador Irfaan Choychoo sat down with Manjinder Kainth, CEO of Graide to talk about achieving equity within the education space.Manjinder Kainth is the co-founder and CEO of Graid...

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Episode 5: Cultivating Inclusivity Through the Power of Storytelling, with Amazin Lethi

​In this episode of the Pride in Tech podcast, we caught up with the incredible Amazin Lethi to hear her take on the power of storytelling in cultivating more inclusive environments. Check it out b...

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Podcast Episode 5: Changing the Game – Timeless Transformation Strategies with Amanda Wallace

​In this episode of the Trinnovo Consulting podcast, Micha Swallow sat down with the insightful Amanda Wallace to talk about all things change and transformation in today's volatile business landsc...

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Uncovering the Foundations of a Healthy DevOps Culture with Natasha Haveron, Senior Director of Engineering at ServiceNow

​Meet Natasha Haveron, Senior Director of Engineering at ServiceNow, who joins Sabrina Battiston for our latest Women in DevOps podcast. Natasha is a Senior Technology Leader with experience across...

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Advocating for Inclusive Work Environments with Katie Roberts, Account Principal at Nearform

​'I would rather have an occasional need to bring everybody into that same space and use that time wisely.' In this Women in DevOps episode, Lauren Langdell is joined by Katie Roberts, Account Prin...

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Bi Visibility Day   Pit Blog

Pride in Tech Podcast Episode 3 - Episode 3 - Overcoming DEIB Fatigue and Running a Global Pride ERG with Jaipal Sachdev

In this episode Alfie Rice is joined by somebody who is no stranger to the Pride in Tech's Jaipal Sachdev! Jaipal is a distinguished leader and advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Incl...

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Pride in Tech Podcast Episode 2 - Uncovering Corporate Allyship with Emma Cusdin and Rachel Reese

​​What does corporate allyship look like in 2023? Our latest Pride in Tech features insights from the fabulous Emma Cusdin (she/her) and Rachel Reese (she/her) who lead the incredible Global Butter...

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Owning Your Feminine Energy with Yasmin Benjamin, Senior Manager at PwC

​How can we channel our feminine energy for good? Lauren caught up with the fabulous Yasmin Benjamin, who is no stranger to the Women in DevOps community. In this episode, they discuss the importan...

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Creating Safe Spaces at Work with Georgina Shute, Founder of KindTwo

​In this episode of the Women in DevOps podcast, host Lauren Langdell interviews Georgina, the founder of KindTwo, a support organisation for individuals with ADHD. They discuss the importance of c...

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Building an Equitable World with Ixchel Ruiz, Developer Advocate at JFrog

After the raging success of our DevOps Live 2023 fireside chat, Lauren caught up with Ixchel Ruiz from JFrog to discuss how exactly we can build an equitable world at work. Ixchel has developed sof...

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Advocating for Your Tech Career with Lauren Hoe, Senior Manager (Technical Recruiting) at Lattice

Shoutout to our community member, Lauren Hoe from Lattice. 🌈 ✨ ❤️In a previous podcast episode, Founder Lauren Langdell spoke with Lauren about advocating for your tech career. Currently leading Te...

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Equiris Podcast (9)

Trinnovo Consulting: Podcast episode 4 - Thinking outside the box with Caragh McMurtry OLY

​Joining us on this episode of the Unlocking Performance podcast was the amazing Caragh McMurtry OLY, Founder of Neurodiverse Sport and former Olympian. How do we make sure everyone can be the best...

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Trinnovo Consulting: Podcast episode 3 - Rethinking Wellbeing with Dr Fran Longstaff

​These are exciting times for the Unlocking Performance podcast – we were joined by the Incredible Fran Longstaff Ph.D., head of psychology at Fika, who shared with us her unique insight into the h...

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Bh Mpic

The Power of Being Yourself with Dipesh Mistry-Dhillon

​'You’re going to go through some hard times, but you’re going come out the other side.’ This episode of My Race in Science delves into the risks of ignoring changing terminology, the importance of...

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Ri Syogesh

My Race in Life Sciences: Yogesh Krishan Davé

Yogesh’s career in pharma spans over 38 years and he has operated his own UK registered limited company for the past 12 years. All his formal education has all been in the United Kingdom and he is ...

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Is your voice heard as a Black female in industry? with Corryn Gardiner

​Corryn Gardiner is a Director of her own Quality Assurance Consultancy who works with pharmaceutical companies to help with the set-up and/or ongoing maintenance and responsibilities relating to t...

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Exploring Meaningful Allyship with Allison Jack

​​‘Standing out in some way is part of the journey of life.’ In this episode of My Race in Science, we explored the infinite value of self-belief, mentoring, and meaningful allyship in the fight ag...

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Addressing Your Inner Critic with Kelli Mohr, Director of Platform Engineering at Slalom Build

​In this episode, Founder and Global Communities Director Lauren Langdell interviewed the fabulous Kelli Mohr, Director of Platform Engineering at Slalom Build. Lauren spoke with Kelli about her jo...

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