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Episode 6: Leading Change in Finance, with Mary O'Connor

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Episode 6: Leading Change in Finance, with Mary O'Connor

We're delighted to bring you insights from Mary O'Connor, one of the most influential change-makers in financial services today.
A proven Board-level executive (having served as CEO, CRO, Head of Growth, and various other C-suite and non-executive roles), Mary has over 30 years of experience in leading and advising financial and professional services companies, including working for public and PE-backed enterprises, a bank, and a Big Four accounting firm.

A lawyer by background, Mary is qualified to practice in both the UK and the US, having held senior roles in firms across both nations, including as an Assistant US attorney,  where she was the lead advocate in 100 criminal cases.

Mary held one of the most important roles in the FSA (now the FCA) – the regulator for business in the UK.

Stay tuned for Mary's take on change, transformation, accountability, diversity, leadership, and meaningful growth in the world of financial services.

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