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Episode 5: Cultivating Inclusivity Through the Power of Storytelling, with Amazin Lethi

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Episode 5: Cultivating Inclusivity Through the Power of Storytelling, with Amazin Lethi

In this episode of the Pride in Tech podcast, we caught up with the incredible Amazin Lethi to hear her take on the power of storytelling in cultivating more inclusive environments. Check it out below:

Amazin LeThi, a global LGBTQ icon, is a force across multiple arenas, from sports to advocacy. As the only Asian LGBTQ athlete with 10 international sports ambassador roles, she boldly breaks down barriers. Recognized by 30+ international organizations, including the Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD, she's earned the title of Honorary Citizen of the State of Georgia. Forbes spotlighted her during 'Asian Pacific Islander Heritage' month, naming her one of the top six Asian women to watch.

A luminary in diversity, equity, and inclusion, Amazin is in demand as a speaker, advisor, and consultant for Fortune 500 companies, governments, sports organizations and global entities. From the White House to The Prince’s Trust, she guides advocacy across human rights, DEI strategies, sports, and LGBTQ rights. Her journey from homelessness to global LGBTQ icon underscores her pivotal role in advancing Asian and LGBTQ equality.

Amazin played a vital role in President Biden's 'Out For Biden' 2020 campaign as their digital advisor for LGBTQ and Asian communications, championing inclusivity and transformative change. Her narrative was immortalized in Florence Schechter's debut book 'V,' published by Penguin Books in 2023, establishing her as a leading voice in the global conversation on equality and inclusion. Making history in 2024, she blazed trails as the first Asian LGBTQ sports ambassador for The Centre for Sport and Human Rights, 'World Cup 2026' ambassador program, the Out Foundation, and Pride House Paris 2024 Olympics.

As a preeminent global advocate, Amazin resumes her advisory committee role in President Biden’s ‘Out for Biden Harris’ 2024 presidential campaign working group, continuing her impactful engagement at the highest levels of government.

photo credit: Alina Oswald