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Community Spotlight: Meet Evie Skinner

At Women in DevOps,​ we strive to promote gender equity as we encourage, celebrate, and empower like-minded tech professionals around the world. We are shining a light on our community member, Evi...

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Press Release: Trinnovo Group Awarded B Corp Status

​Trinnovo Group Awarded B-Corp Status with a Score of 115.2, Placing Among Top 7% of Recruiters in the United Kingdom [17/07/2023, London] Trinnovo Group, a market-leading recruitment and advisory ...

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Putting people and the planet before profit

​🌟We are a B Corp!! 🌟We are proud to be part of a global community of organisations dedicated to using their platforms as a force for good, and we have our wonderful people to thank for it – hear w...

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Becoming a B Corp

​Since we launched Trinnovo Group in 2020, incorporating Trust in SODA, Broadgate Search & BioTalent, we’ve been guided by a clear mission: to build diversity, create inclusion, and encourage workp...

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Watch Your Language - Is Your Business Heading for a Jargon Crisis?

​Indecipherable corporate jargon is more hazardous than it seems. Language needs to be a bridge to meaning, not a barrier. If you hear sentences like: ‘We need to roll out NLP by Q3 to circle back ...

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What Makes an Effective Mentor?

​The mentor/mentee relationship takes many different forms. Whether it’s a connection that’s been cultivated over a decade or a 15-minute café date, the effectiveness of mentorship ultimately depen...

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Pride in Tech - From Data-Driven to People-Driven: Leading with Empathy in Tech

​🌈✨ Last week in celebration of Pride, our community dived into an evening of good vibes, laughter, and fun during our Pride in Tech and Women in DevOps, 'From Data-Driven to People-Driven: Leading...

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Download our annual impact report!

Thank ​you for your interest in our impact report. Take a look at what we've been up to, as we shine a spotlight on our key achievements, the challenges we've faced along the way, and the promising...

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