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Pride in Tech - Building an Inclusive Workplace: Supporting LGBT Employees Across Borders

🌈✨ How can we create an inclusive workplace that transcends borders? Last week we teamed up with our friends from Indeed Flex for a panel discussion where we explored what it means to foster a supp...

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Download our 2023 Impact Report

It brings us immense pride and excitement to announce the launch of our brand-new 2023 Impact Report. We are thrilled to share our second annual Impact Report with you, marking a significant milest...

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Recognising Bi Visibility Day with Asha Harkness and Sara Chandran

Outlined by Stonewall, Bi Visibility Day offers the opportunity to address the challenges the bisexual community faces, as well as how we can all play a role in addressing biphobia. We caught up wi...

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Pride in Tech Podcast Episode 2 - Uncovering Corporate Allyship with Emma Cusdin and Rachel Reese

​​What does corporate allyship look like in 2023? Our latest Pride in Tech features insights from the fabulous Emma Cusdin (she/her) and Rachel Reese (she/her) who lead the incredible Global Butter...

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Pride in Tech - From Data-Driven to People-Driven: Leading with Empathy in Tech

​🌈✨ Last week in celebration of Pride, our community dived into an evening of good vibes, laughter, and fun during our Pride in Tech and Women in DevOps, 'From Data-Driven to People-Driven: Leading...

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Pride in Tech - Bisexuality 101

✨🌈 Last week our Pride in Tech community came together at EY's London offices as we teamed up with London Bisexual Network, for our ‘Bisexuality 101' panel discussion.Our panel explored the fundame...

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Recognising International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

Every year on the seventeenth day of May, we recognise the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. What exactly is this day, why is it so important and how we can show our ...

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Let’s Talk about Eating Disorders in the LGBTQ+ Community 

Running from February 27th to March 5th, 2023, Eating Disorder Week is a time for awareness and education about the often-invisible illnesses. The stigma and shame associated with eating disorders...

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Pride in 2022: How far have we really come?

​Globally, June is the month of the year people where queer people are able to celebrate: who we are, where we come from and remembering those who risked their lives so we can be free today. With t...

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Pride in Tech podcast: Episode 1 - Avoiding boilerplate inclusivity with Sebastian Reemet

​In our first Pride in Tech podcast episode, Natasha Mallison has the pleasure of sitting down with Sebastian Reemet, (he/they). Sebastian is an Engineering Manager who has been operating in the sp...

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‘The Pink Triangles: The Gay Victims of the Holocaust’

​The 27th of January commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day, marking the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the largest of the notorious 'Death Camps'. This day is a time for us to remember t...

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Trinnovo Group's Statement on the Gender Recognition Bill

​In December 2022, Scotland passed the Gender Recognition Reform Bill, a reform designed to improve the process through which a transgender person can obtain their gender recognition certificate (G...

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Looking back on Trans Day of Remembrance

​Trans Day of Remembrance is commemorated on the 20th November every year to honour the lives of transgender people whom we have lost due to Transphobic Violence. A week prior to this is Transgende...

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An update on the Gender Gap: The Good, the Bad, and the Future

​The ever-present gender parity gap is a stark reminder of the inequities that burden society as we know it today. Even as the UN reports positive progress in the fight for gender parity, the tumul...

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Black Pride 2022 – An interview with Giselle Williams

​On the 14th August, Black Pride is celebrated in the UK – Europe’s largest celebration for African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and Caribbean-heritage LGBTQ+ people. This huge event was...

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Past webinar - Pride in Tech: Future of tech employee activism

Of the 24 best companies for LGBTQIA+ people to work (2020, Glassdoor), 50% of companies were tech organisations. Join us for another meaningful Pride panel discussion, this time tackling the spect...

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Being queer is beautiful – an interview on non-binary awareness

​​International non-binary people’s day is observed each year on14th July and is aimed at raising awareness and organising around the issues faced by non-binary people around the world.The day was ...

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Past webinar - Pride in Tech: Amplifying the voices of the LGBTQIA+ community

Our first virtual Pride in Tech panel discussion took place in a forward-thinking debate that uncovered companies that are bringing LGBTQIA+ visibility to technological innovation.Our panel discuss...

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past webinar: Pride in DevOps: The Power of Allyship

​The panel discussion explored how to be an active LGBTQIA+ ally, uncovering the challenges, prejudices and unconscious bias facing the LGBTQIA+ community. In an empowering discussion to acknowledg...

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