Pride in Tech - Bisexuality 101

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Pride in Tech - Bisexuality 101

✨🌈 Last week our Pride in Tech community came together at EY's London offices as we teamed up with London Bisexual Network, for our ‘Bisexuality 101' panel discussion.

Our panel explored the fundamentals of the bi experience, the impact of prejudice from inside the Queer community, and the power of active allyship. With the help of both our audience and expert panellists, we can uncover the knowledge and tools needed to combat biphobia and build a fairer, kinder future for all.

Key takeaways include:
💫 The fundamentals of the bi-experience and calling out inequalities
💫 The implications of prejudice inside the queer community and the importance of allyship within the LGBTQIA+ community
💫 How technology has changed the bisexual experience
💫 The power of advocacy
💫 The impact of a culture of belonging

Everyone is on a different journey, and everyone deserves the right support and network to make it to their destination.

Join us next month for our next collaboration on the 6th of July, RSVP on the link in our bio.