Woman of the Year 2023 - Lauren Langdell is Highly Commended

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Woman of the Year 2023 - Lauren Langdell is Highly Commended

BREAKING NEWS ALERT! Get Ready to Celebrate! 🚀🎉💥🌈

A huge round of applause and heartfelt congratulations to our incredible Founder at Women in DevOps, and all-around superhero, Lauren Langdell, who has soared to the top, being highly commended for 'Woman of the Year - Technology' at this year's ultra-prestigious Women in Tech Excellence Awards 2023!!

Lauren didn't just shine—she dazzled! Her groundbreaking efforts in founding our transformative Women in DevOpscommunity. Lauren isn't just breaking boundaries; she's redefining them, all while championing diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and innovation in the tech universe.

Can we take a moment to appreciate Lauren's game-changing moves? Since launching Women in DevOps back in 2017, she's orchestrated pure magic:

✨ Growing the Women in DevOps community to over 17,000 members, taking it from a low-key offline meetup to a global movement in 6 years!

✨ Collaborated with industry titans like Google, Meta, Monzo, and more, leaving an indelible mark on the tech landscape.

✨ Took the spotlight at prestigious events like the Web Summit, DevOps World, and DevOps Days, amplifying the discussion on the DevOps gender gap.

✨ Forged powerful partnerships with academic and community allies, including Coding Black Females, Code Institute, and the London Bisexual Network, igniting a movement.

✨ Assembled an extraordinary dream team—Lucy Eloise Neal, Oliver Perry, Alfie Rice, Sabrina Battiston,🕹Dominika Kodadova, Helena Sullivan, Sam Jason Hamilton, and Alex Welsh—to join her on this exhilarating journey.

✨ Received a jaw-dropping impact average of 92% from the community—boosting confidence, enriching knowledge, and igniting inspiration.

✨ Trailblazing for LGBTQIA+ inclusion and unveiling the awe-inspiring Pride in Tech, paralleling the triumph of Women in DevOps.

✨ And the accolades keep pouring in! Attendees are raving about their experience: "I felt at ease in the room and left with a renewed sense of accomplishment." – Women in DevOps attendee.

Lauren Langdell, you're not just setting trends; you're crafting a legacy. Your dedication and unwavering spirit are lighting the path for tech's future leaders. We're beyond proud and inspired by your remarkable journey!

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