What It Means To Be A World Class 3 Star Best Companies Accredited Organisation

What It Means to Be a World-Class 3-Star Best Companies Accredited Organisation

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What It Means to Be a World-Class 3-Star Best Companies Accredited Organisation


To achieve this exceptional rating, our employees were asked to complete the comprehensive and completely confidential, b-Heard survey which includes questions around leadership, purpose, training, personal growth and wellbeing. So, it’s an honest statement – and an exceptional endorsement - by our people about us as a company. 

Our mission is to build diversity, create inclusion and encourage workplace innovation. We work with our partners to create successful teams that are representative of the society we live in. We put the success of people and purpose before profit. We strive to identify and address workplace inequalities. Our community platforms, such as Women in DevOps and Ethnicity Talks, enable success through focused knowledge building, inspiring future leaders, networking and closing employment gaps. We support innovative social outreach programmes; most recently, the new FastFutures initiative to help 18-22-year old's gain workplace skills during the pandemic.

What has led to our high score?

Achieving a 3-star rating shows that Trinnovo employees feel valued, motivated, engagement and share in our vision and purpose as an organization. They have a favorable view of the group and their role within it. A range of factors will have contributed to this score.

  1. Trinnovo training academy: We have a bespoke dedicated training academy that teaches trainees how to understand the nature of recruitment in this ever-changing landscape.

  2. Future Leaders Programme: Our growth is organic and meritocratic, promoting from within with examples across the group of those who now run teams and profit centres.

  3. Advanced Leadership Programme: Cultivating innovation, new ideas, internationalization and engaging initiatives.

  4. Clear Career paths: transparent career paths so employees know what they have to do to progress and different options available to them.

  5. Diversity, Inclusion Committee. A Trinnovo Group innovation-led committee aimed at putting purpose over profit and using our resources to fulfil our mission as a business.

  6. Flexible work conditions: We offer remote working, engagement programmes and a focus on wellbeing and mental health.

  7. We listen. Regular employee surveys and opportunities for feedback allow us to shape the framework and foundations where people feel individual needs are catered for.

  8. Culture and people first. We reward, recognise and promote based on values; a values-based approach drives and cultivates the right behaviours and gives us a fantastic culture.

  9. Social Enterprise. Putting purpose before profit, building innovating platforms that access a truly diverse candidate pool, including Ex-Military Careers, our Socials and Women in DevOps.

A 3-star rating also translates into better outcomes for our clients. It supports and reflects our growing reputation for delivering bespoke, innovative, and exceptional results for our candidates and clients. We understand the close correlation between employee engagement and the long-lasting relationships we have with our candidates and clients. We will continue our focus on employee engagement to build upon that success.