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B is for Belonging - Making the Move to DEIB

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B is for Belonging - Making the Move to DEIB

​A sense of belonging is part of what it means to be human. It’s the need for affiliation, acceptance, support, and purpose, and it prevents us from feeling (and therefore becoming) just another number in the workplace.

Belonging is beautiful – it helps build communities and enables individuals to unlock their authentic selves. As a company that puts people first, moving from DEI to a DEIB focus was the most natural step forward.

Why is adding a new letter such a big deal? Because it represents progression and growth in a world of evolving identities, and It’s important for our people, our communities, and our message to recognise and represent this as a business.

It’s not just an aesthetic addition to a hollow acronym. Alongside being part of our core values, statistics consistently prove that there’s real, tangible business value in a DEIB-enabled business strategy ­– a report by McKinsey discovered that 43% of businesses with diverse management enjoy greater profitability, and companies in the first diversity quartile outperform the bottom quartile by a staggering 36%.

Belonging is distinctly separate from diversity, equity, and inclusion, yet it’s inexorably linked with all three. It represents the psychological safety that people need to thrive and feel contented in the workplace. It’s a key part of our people-focussed methodology, and we believe it’s vital that we keep it in the spotlight.