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World Mental Health Day 2022

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World Mental Health Day 2022

World Mental Health Day is here! Now is the perfect time for nations around the world to promote unity, raise awareness, and advocate for greater mental health support for the entire population.

Mental health is intrinsic to the human experience – it provides the foundation for life’s journey and acts as a critical function of well-being.

While it’s been making its way to the forefront of meaningful conversation in recent years, stigma, discrimination, a lack of funding and awareness, and many other detrimental factors still act as a barrier to progress in the mental health space.

The World health organisation estimates that one billion people suffer from some form of mental disorder. Since 1992, World Mental Health Day has been observed as a time for celebrating psychological wellness, enabling everyone to play a role in tackling one of the most pressing issues that the population face.

Here at Trinnovo Group, we recognise the fundamental need to support our employees with their mental health. Our people are our priority, and we’ve put measures in place to ensure that they get the help they need to flourish:

  • Wellness action plans (WAP) – Every employee has the opportunity to develop a wellness action plan should they want to implement actionable measures to support their unique mental health needs.

  • Mental Health First Aiders – Our qualified mental health first aiders are on hand as a point of contact for anyone experiencing mental health issues or emotional distress. Mental health first aiders are instrumental in providing early intervention.

  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) – The telephone EAP helps employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health, and well-being. It provides free, confidential support for anyone.

  • Flexible Working – Alongside a hybrid model, we offer flexible working hours to enable everyone to plan their schedule around the core operating hours.

  • Exercise – We understand that physical and mental well-being are inseparable, and for those wishing to exercise during the day, we provide an extra 30 minutes in addition to the hour-long lunch break.

Trinnovo unites with individuals and organisations everywhere in observing and promoting World Mental Health Day.