Lesbian Visibility Week

Celebrating Lesbian Visibility Week

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Celebrating Lesbian Visibility Week

The 22nd of April marks the start of Lesbian Visibility Week, a time for raising awareness, showing solidarity, and celebrating excellence in the Lesbian community. Originally celebrated for the first time back in 1990, Lesbian Visibility Week took on a new iteration in 2020 (the version that’s currently observed) when Linda Riley, publisher of DIVA Magazine, noticed that the L in LGBTQIA+ was becoming increasingly marginalised.

Skip forward to 2024, and the values, vision, and lessons encapsulated by Lesbian Visibility Week remain as impactful as ever. We find ourselves living in a time of heightened discrimination and violence towards the LGBTQIA+ community, a time when solidarity, recognition, advocacy and allyship can help change the future for the better.

We believe in fostering a workplace that celebrates diversity and inclusion. Diversity is the bridge to a brighter future, and for all of us at Trinnovo Group and Pride in Tech, Lesbian Visibility Week is a time to reflect on what we can do to support the L in LGBTQIA+ all year round.

If you’re hoping to make a positive impact of your own, we’ve put together some pointers – check them out below.

Advocacy and Allyship

Allies and advocates can give a voice and a platform to marginalised groups. Moving beyond tokenistic or performative allyship means actively supporting the community, but it needs to start with a little (or a lot) of learning. Remember, this is a journey that shouldn’t ever end. What makes a good ally?

·      Self-Awareness – Reflection and introspection are aspects of what it takes to recognise privilege, the building blocks of empathy and understanding.

·      A Desire to Learn – It can be difficult to support someone without having any kind of reference point regarding their experience. A willingness to learn more and good listening skills are vital.

·      Speak Out – Challenging homophobia and speaking out against microaggressions is an essential part of actively championing LGBTQIA+ rights, and it takes many different forms. Whether that’s reporting a grievance at work on someone else’s behalf or speaking up at the time – remember to speak up safely.

·      Turn Up for People – Know someone who’s struggling? Give them your time. It’s simple, effective, and often makes a world of difference.

·      Believe People – Don’t downplay people’s struggles or question their identity. Leading with empathy is the best place to start.

Taking Action

Even the actions that seem the smallest can have a wide-reaching impact. For example, we introduced pronouns to our email signatures – a seemingly small change that not only showcases support for the LGBTQIA+ community, but also encourages inclusivity both in and out of the workplace.

Here are some actions you might want to take to support lesbians on Lesbian Visibility Day:

·      Host an event catered by lesbian-owned businesses.

·      Write an article!

·      Share the stories of lesbians around the world – inclusion and support should transcend borders.

·      Support dedicated lesbian charities, like the National Centre for Lesbian Rights.

·      Explore your local events. Websites like Meetup and Eventbrite are great places to find a wealth of community-led initiatives.


Not sure where to start? Here are some links to helpful resources:





Pride in Tech

If you’re hoping to join an inclusive, supportive, fast-growing community of LGBTQIA+ professionals, Pride in Tech has you covered. Find out more about our community here: Pride in Tech.​