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How To Deal With Setbacks When Job Hunting

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How To Deal With Setbacks When Job Hunting

​Job searching can be a daunting task, and it is easy to grow fatigued by what can feel like endless waiting for the right opportunity.

We understand it can be disheartening when dealing with setbacks and rejections, which in turn can lead to quitting their job search too early, resigning themselves to staying in a bad work situation, or accepting a role they are overqualified for.

Building a plan to increase resilience so you can bounce back is vital, so here are some tips on dealing with setbacks and overcoming them.

Setback: Being ignored or rejected for a position you’re clearly qualified for

This can be hugely frustrating, but it in no way reflects your market value or predicts how other companies will react to your candidacy. Still, we know it’s hard not to take the silence personally.

The best strategy is to prepare for this kind of setback and understand that you will not experience predictable outcomes throughout your search. Sometimes the job you think you’re least qualified for will be the one most interested in you.

Make a compelling case with your résumé and do your best to leverage your network, but once you’ve done all you can, don’t spend any extra time wondering why you didn’t make it to the interview stage.

Setback: Finding a great job that won’t pay you enough

You’re interested in the job and the company is interested in you. Everything seems perfect until they explain that they won’t be able to meet your salary expectations.

While you may have some flexibility in your salary requirements, be aware that jobs that are looking to pay you significantly less than you want are probably also misaligned with the level of seniority and autonomy that you hope for in your new role. More often than not, it’s best to end things early and not waste either party’s time as hard as that may be.

Setback: Becoming emotionally attached to a job you don’t get

One of the hardest dilemmas during a job search is navigating how much to get emotionally invested in an opportunity.

One of the hardest dilemmas during a job search is navigating how much to get emotionally invested in an opportunity. Instead of hoping to avoid disappointing days entirely, you need to anticipate their arrival and have a self-care plan in place. Decide in advance what activities help you recover best so you can turn to them immediately after receiving bad news.

While job searches almost always include setbacks, they also lead to new and exciting beginnings. Prepare to work through the inevitable obstacles but stay committed to the process!

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