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Download our White Paper, 'Shifting Mindsets, Attracting Talent and a Culture of Integrity - Germany edition.'

Our latest FREE white paper titled ‘Shifting Mindsets, Attracting Talent and a Culture of Integrity - Germany edition’ focuses on how organisations in Germany are approaching diversity, inclusion, ...

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Download our White Paper, 'Black History Month: Diversity in DevOps'

​Download our latest FREE white paper titled ‘Black History Month: Diversity in DevOps,’ in collaboration with Coding Black Females. We spoke about the shortage of women in the tech landscape, and ...

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Meet our Founder, Lauren Langdell!

​Women in DevOps is a community on a mission. We caught up with founder Lauren Langdell to get some insight into the incredible work the platform is doing in the DevOps and engineering space, their...

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Shedding Light on Holocaust Memorial Day with Manfred Goldberg OBE

​Trinnovo Group are honoured to have welcomed Holocaust survivor Manfred Goldberg MBE to the London office yesterday, who shared his incredible story of resilience and resolve in the face of unimag...

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The Power of Being Yourself with Dipesh Mistry-Dhillon

​'You’re going to go through some hard times, but you’re going come out the other side.’ This episode of My Race in Science delves into the risks of ignoring changing terminology, the importance of...

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Introducing Steve Fuller and Race in STEM

​Race in STEM is a global community of empowered people of colour in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics space. Our platform is a vessel for collaboration, a catalyst for career op...

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My Race in Life Sciences: Yogesh Krishan Davé

Yogesh’s career in pharma spans over 38 years and he has operated his own UK registered limited company for the past 12 years. All his formal education has all been in the United Kingdom and he is ...

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What Blocks the Emergence of Psychological Safety?

​Psychological safety provides the foundations of great team cohesion, but what exactly does it mean? In the name of avoiding definition dilution, here’s what Amy Edmundson explained it as when sh...

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Exploring Meaningful Allyship with Allison Jack

​​‘Standing out in some way is part of the journey of life.’ In this episode of My Race in Science, we explored the infinite value of self-belief, mentoring, and meaningful allyship in the fight ag...

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Is your voice heard as a Black female in industry? with Corryn Gardiner

​Corryn Gardiner is a Director of her own Quality Assurance Consultancy who works with pharmaceutical companies to help with the set-up and/or ongoing maintenance and responsibilities relating to t...

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Pride in 2022: How far have we really come?

​Globally, June is the month of the year people where queer people are able to celebrate: who we are, where we come from and remembering those who risked their lives so we can be free today. With t...

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Pride in Tech podcast: Episode 1 - Avoiding boilerplate inclusivity with Sebastian Reemet

​In our first Pride in Tech podcast episode, Natasha Mallison has the pleasure of sitting down with Sebastian Reemet, (he/they). Sebastian is an Engineering Manager who has been operating in the sp...

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Designing for Neurodiversity: How to Build a Better Workplace for All (with Tips from the Experts)

​The world’s workplaces are evolving with each passing moment, from their cultures to their mission statements, all the way down to the light fixtures. Between the many external pressures influenci...

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Addressing Your Inner Critic with Kelli Mohr, Director of Platform Engineering at Slalom Build

​In this episode, Founder and Global Communities Director Lauren Langdell interviewed the fabulous Kelli Mohr, Director of Platform Engineering at Slalom Build. Lauren spoke with Kelli about her jo...

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Download Our Free White Paper   ‘Inclusivity Matters  Diversity Within Accountancy

Download Our Free White Paper - ‘Inclusivity Matters: Diversity Within Accountancy.'

Download our free white paper, 'Inclusivity Matters: Diversity within Accountancy', discussing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) across an extremely popular, and industry-agnostic career path –...

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Celebrating our CEO, James' 5-year anniversary at Trinnovo Group

A huge congratulations and thank you to our wonderful CEO James Cox for his 5 years of leadership here at Trinnovo Group. Following his launch of BioTalent and a strategic leadership role within t...

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Download our free white paper, ‘diversity in data.'

​​On 4th March, we hosted our SODA Social webinar, ‘diversity in data.’ It’s now widely agreed across the data and tech world that diversity, equity and inclusion can increase innovation, improve t...

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Inspirational US Black Leaders - Justin Wilson

​We're pleased to feature Justin Wilson as an inspirational leader this month. As a Health Scientist and Biology Professor at Xavier University of Louisiana, Dr. Wilson leads teams in health dispar...

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Equiris Podcast (3)

Trinnovo Consulting: Podcast episode 2 - Maximising team performance through psychological safety with Adam Travis

We welcomed the incredible Adam Travis to this week’s Unlocking Performance podcast, where we talked about the vital role of psychological safety on the journey towards maximising team performance,...

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